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Gate777 – confiscated funds in the amount of 3300 euros


Found for the Casino - This player has exceeded the maximum allowed bet while playing with a bonus. As such there is nothing further we can do to help them.

Read our Gate777 Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

Greetings to Pogg and the community.

Casino gate777.com confiscated funds in the amount of 3300 euros.

Making an attempt to resolve the issue peacefully, I have not received a response from the casino for almost four days. Although the response to them is regulated by rules of the casino within the next 48 hours. Therefore forced to turn to you with a complaint on gate777.

The base from the casino (copied from the letter can provide a screen):

Your account has been found to be in breach of clause 14 of the Promotional Terms associated with the recent match up offer taken: Clause 14 - The maximum bet allowed while the Welcome Bonus is in play is €5. Should You bet higher than this while the Welcome bonus is in play, the Casino reserves the right to confiscate all winnings.

I do not agree with the decision of the casino. I will express my opinion on the situation.

1) Yes, I made a deposit of 22 euros and received a bonus, but it was not a Welcome bonus, its another promo offer. Here's what it said:




2) I am registered in 777 since April 2019 and have previously made deposits. We had a controversial situation about the method of making a deposit to receive a bonus (the Skrill system was excluded for receiving a bonus) on June 23, 2019. At that time, I made a deposit using the Skrill payment system and received a bonus. Having studied the rules, I saw this paragraph of the rules: Deposits made via Skrill or Neteller are not eligible for the bonus and if taken, any winnings will be confiscated.

But how did I get it then? This alerted me, and I turned to support for clarification. Trying to find out the rules of the accrued bonus, they answered the following to me (there is a letter with full chat logs):

(dolphin777): suddenly i'm lucky and you confiscate my win

Jack: we can confiscate your winnings since it is made by skrill yes

(dolphin777): So what now? Should I continue the game or make a withdrawal

Jack: if you do play keep in mind that we could confiscate your winnings, but ultimately that decision is up to you

Jack says play, and then we'll see. A very interesting position of the casino, I lost well, I was able to win by confiscation. I did not violate the terms of the bonus and asked to remove the automatically accrued bonus received by making a deposit with the Skrill payment system. The deposit has been lost.

But this is not the purpose of the complaint.

3) 09/02/2019 I received another bonus offer from gate777 and took advantage of it by making a deposit using my Visa card. To fulfill the conditions of the bonus without violating the rules and play for your pleasure. After reading the rules for using the bonus again, so as not to violate them.

To fulfill the conditions for the wager bonus, I needed to make bets in the amount of (22e 125% bonus) * 35 = 1,732.5 euros.

Naturally, I was not hoping to meet the conditions for such a high wager. I wanted to take a break from work and have fun. For me it was a regular gaming session in an online casino.

I played my favorite slots, the balance got a little bigger and bigger, there was a lot of multiplication in the Mystery reels megaways slot (I didn’t take a screenshot), then in Bust the bank x 450 (0.9 e per spin) and jammin jars x 1300 (2 e per spin) (I attach screenshots). The balance became 3 600 euros, and I was able to fulfill the condition on the sum of the necessary bets for wagering the bonus. During the game, I did think 1,500 spins in different slots (since it turned out that the bets in my favorite slots only carry out the wager amount by 50%!). I made all spins ranging from 0.5e to 2.0e per spin.

Having fulfilled the conditions for the received bonus, following the observance of the rules of the received bonus, my balance was 3400е. Damn, I'm very lucky. I was glad and had no doubt in observing all the conditions of the bonus received. I had no doubt in the reliability of gate777 as there is a MGA license and is posted on the Pogg website with a rating of 8.7 / 10. I made a withdrawal request in the amount of 3400e. I went through the full account verification process and expected the withdrawal processing. However, casino gate777 counted differently and confiscated the winnings, notifying me of this decision by email.

4) I was shocked. How so? What happened I did not spin the value above 2e.

In the chat of the support service they answered me:

James: While playing Book of Oz, your bets were 5.85

James: Not just once but seven times

After that, I realized what they are pointing to and I do not agree with this.

5) One of my favorite slots that I play all the time is Book of Oz. This slot is designed with the respin function! (and this is important, in the rules of the site I did not see that respin at the set rate in the slot is considered a bet with the cost of respin), the ability to re-spin the drum to get a combination.

Playing in the Book of Oz slot at a rate of 1.0 euros per spin, I'm 7! I used the respin function at a cost of x5.8 of the cost of the spin installed in the slot to get the third scatter that activated the bonus round, since two scaters already fell out for a spin of 1 euro. The respin function was introduced for those who do not want to expect the desired result to fall out, and using the respin function, get this combination.

In my case, this is the launch of a bonus game, as a rule.

While making a respin, I was sure that I did not break the bonus rules, since the cost of the spin in the slot was set to 1.0 euro. I did not try to get an advantage for fulfilling the wager conditions, I did not try to get a high payout at the maximum rate with one spin, I just played in the slot. Casino considers this respin as rate of higher than permitted in 5e.

An explanation of my position, for example: Multiplication, which gives five TOP symbols in one line (Wizard) in this slot is x500 of the size of the bet. Having collected the line of symbols at my bet in 1 euro, I could get a win in the 500euro, which is provided by the manufacturer of games Microgaming. Based on the position of casino gate777, my bet was 5.85 e, which, with the TOP line, the symbol (Wizard) gives a gain of 5.85 x 500 = 2 950 e. Such a win cannot be with five TOP symbols in one line (Wizard) at the established bet 1e at the time of my game in this slot.

I believe that the decision on confiscation of the casino, it's excessive, aggressive and incomparable solution.

I’m deprived of the winnings received in other slots, winnings received at bets 0.9e and 2e. When will I still have a chance to see such a multiplication in jammin-jars? How much money is now needed to lose in this slot, so that there is a chance once again to get such a multiplication, the winnings that are confiscated from me.

If a casino values its reputation so much, why it won’t solve the problem with the world due to an excess of the bet (but this is not a spin!) By 0.85 euro as many as seven !!! times, 7 * 0.85 = 5.95e. And because of this excess amount, they lose my prize in the amount of 3300e?

Is this fair?

That's how I spent my time with gate777.com casino.

I ask you to help in solving the situation. Of course, I doubt it, since who wants to pay a person with a deposit in the 22euro - a payment of 3400euro, if there is the slightest opportunity to confiscate the winnings. So much now there are cruel rules for ordinary people like me who just want to have a good evening playing their favorite slots.

I am not a casino abuser, not a violator of the rules, I simple gambler.

Thank you for your attention.

P.S. My English is not very good, but I tried to convey my position. If there are unclear points, I will explain. All the screenshots that I have are ready to provide and pass any verification.

Read the casino review

15 Responses

Sep 10, 2019

Hi dolphin777 - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

As we are the ADR for the White Hat Gaming license under the Malta Gaming Authority license there is certain information we have to provide you now.

You can find all the relevant information about this service here – http://thepogg.com/terms-of-use/ and the terms of use for our complaint service here - https://thepogg.com/terms-of-use-for-dispute-resolution-service/

To summarise.

– Use of this service does not preclude your seeking redress through court proceedings .

– This service is free to use for both the complainant and operator.

– At any point during the procedure the submitting party retains the right to withdraw their complaint. This does not preclude our right to continue the discussion with the involved operator of general issues related to the complaint (i.e. insufficiently clear terms and conditions).

– You are not obliged to obtain independent or legal advice or representation, though you may choose to do so.

If you have any questions about the above, let me know.

Moving on to your case - The respin feature in Book of Oz would be considered a wager and can be considered limited by the maximum allowed bet. So I need to know did you wager more than €5 to respin a reel? As an example you can see the screen shot below:

So in the above image Reels 4 and 5 require a bet of €0.01 to respin while Reel 2 requires a bet of €3.73 to respin.

So, did you bet more than €5 to respin a reel?



Sep 10, 2019

Greetings Pogg.
How can I understand the words of the support service, they indicate exactly this my action.
View my full game history for me is problematic.
During the game, I used the respin function. As I understand the words gate777 she was 5.85e.
Your picture is similar to my situation in the game. Only the slot rate was set to 1e, and not 0.5e as in the picture.
I made 7! respins for try get third sсater "Book" to get bonus round(For example yours pict Iam respin first reel for 5.85e).It was a simple element of the game, without any intent. But whether there was a gain from these 7 respins I do not know.
In addition, the rules do not indicate that the respin function is also a bet and it does not matter what price is set for the spin itself.I considered it a bet for 1euro.
In these spins, I did not receive the prize that was confiscated. I had a big multiplication of x1300 and x450 in other slots.

Sep 10, 2019

In addition, I will point out the example of your picture.
The provides Microgaming slot Book of Oz have payment for five identical symbols A in the amount of x15 of the bet(Its Important moment). In your example, on line 3, the fifth A is missing on the second reel. If I use the respin function on the second reel and the fifth character A appears on the third line. The gain will be 15euro (1euro x15 = 15). Based on the casino position, my bet was 5.85 e. Then, when I drop out on the second reel A, I should get a win in the amount of 87.75euro (5.85euro х15 = 87.75). This win is not possible. Based on payouts on the winning line for the combination, my bet was 1e. This moment is not indicated in the terms of use of the received bonus.
I think this is a technical issue, not a simple player.

Sep 10, 2019

Hi dolphin777,

Sadly, if you have respun a reel for €5.85 you have breached the maximum allowed bet term. This is quite clearly a distinct wager as it has no bearing on the results of your initial spin. When you click the 'respin' button, as with the normal 'spin' button, the bet displayed below the reels is deducted from your balance. This is simply a bet of €5.85 to respin one reel rather than all five reels. While the payouts are based on your original wager, the bet is still €5.85 - you are offered an increased bet based on the original paytable due to the increased chances of receiving a winning combination based on spinning only a single reel and holding the other four in their current states.

While it is unfortunate that you may not have realised this, I do not agree that this would be unreasonably confusing for players to understand.


Sep 10, 2019

Hello ThePOGG!
Can't you help? Have you contacted gate777? What do you advise to do in this situation? Is their rating too high in this relationship with their users? The rules indicate: we reserve the right to confiscate.
There are exceptions to the rules. Why they do not go towards the player in such an ambiguous situation, having such a high rating on your site. The totality of my violation is not comparable with the punishment.

Sep 13, 2019

Hi dolphin777,

You do not have a case here. The rules are not ambiguous here. You are not allowed to wager more than 5EUR on any single bet. This is a clear and easily understood rule.

When you spin you place a bet. That bet is removed from your balance. In this game when you 'respin' you are placing a bet and the funds are removed from your balance in exactly the same manner. The addition of the 're' to the button does not make it ambiguous that you are placing a bet in this situation.

And as is standard for any situation where the player exceeds the maximum allowed bet rule, the bonus contract is considered void and both parties are reset to starting positions. There is nothing abnormal about the manner in which this issue has been managed.

As previously stated there is nothing further we can do to help you in this instance.


Sep 13, 2019

So you think the casino's actions are normal?
Do you agree with the decision?
Do you consider the confiscation of all funds for 7 spins out of more than 1500+ made with an excess bet of 0.85, which did not bring a win, and do you think this is normal?
I played there believing your rating of this casino. With these conditions, they should be blacklisted!
What is the 5e maximum bet rule for?
The player received a bonus 200E, making 10 spins in the 20s and won with a single spin 1000s and trying to get this win, this one!
That's what a bet limit is for. And they have it, the reason for the confiscation of funds I have made 7 spins in excess of 1500+. Greed.

Sep 13, 2019

Good day! Sorry

Sep 13, 2019

Hi dolphin777,

I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed, but when you accept a bonus you agree to the terms and conditions associated with the bonus. In this instance you agreed not to bet more than 5EUR. You then broke this agreement and as such voided it.

All I can suggest is that in future you ensure you are familiar with and adhere to the terms of any bonus that you accept.


Sep 13, 2019

You do not find the answer to my direct questions. I understand your position. You have a completely false casino rating. How can a casino have a rating of 8.7 out of 10 if the withdrawal is up to 3 days and the wager on the bonus is X70! Who make the most of the rules, and confiscate funds whenever possible.

Sep 13, 2019

Hi dolphin777,

You've now moved off into issues that have no bearing on your claim. As such I'm closing this case and no further posts will be approved on this thread.


Sep 25, 2019

Hi Pogg. 5 day ago Iam send email with new information about my complaint. I didn’t get your reaction to it, did you receive my email with the game history? Нave new information? Thanks.

Oct 01, 2019

Hi dolphin777,

Thank you for your email.

Sadly, whether or not you have won from these bets doesn't make a difference here. The term does not say "you cannot bet more than €5 and win, but it is okay as long as you lose". Any bet in excess fo €5 breaches the terms and violates the contract. As such there is no ground for us to enforce a ruling against the operator.

However, we will contact the operator and enquire whether under the circumstances they feel that it may be appropriate to disregard the infraction.



Oct 29, 2019

Hi dolphin777,

I have discussed this issue with Gate777. While they are not prepared to overturn their decision they have offered to make a good will gesture of €500. If you wish to accept that please let us know and I'll make the necessary arrangements.



Oct 30, 2019

Yes, its try. gate777 not prepared to overturn their decision.
I get only €500
Its the gesture of goodwill gate777 is to retain me as a loyal player.
ECOGRA helped me after you could not help me.
however, many questions remain
I'm upset by this decision and the gambling industry as a whole

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