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Go Wild – Jackpot not paid


Found for the Casino - GoWild casino have provided significant evidence demonstrating that someone has set up several accounts in this player's name. This is a breach of terms and conditions and without specific instruction to set up a further account we have no grounds on which to challenge the casino's decision.

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Player's Complaint

GoWild have refused to payout jackpot all requested documents have been provided as asked.

Several emails I received stating transaction was approved and was to be expected 3 to 5 working days. Final email received stating that the withdrawal will not be processed due to play fraud, multiple accounts. No prior withdrawals have ever been process.

Second account was only established after access to original account was denied. Second account was established from advice from casino staff. Access to the original account has never been accessed post opening of new account. I was informed by casino staff any previous accounts prior would be deleted/cancelled.

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4 Responses

Nov 23, 2016

Hi Cole142228 - welcome to!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.

If you have any communications from the operator stating that you should open a second account it would be useful if you could send them to



Dec 04, 2016

Hi I don't h ave any correspondence regarding being told to open a new account but I opened a new account on wild jackpots they asked about other accounts and I explained son in law had open multiple accounts in my name and they closed other accounts and I won 350 requested withdrawal and received it in my bank no. Questions asked I advised them I would be opening a new account at go wild and could they close others and I thought I was right as they are both owned by go wild and I had advised then I would be doing the same with the go wild account as I couldn't access old account that my son in law made as I am new to all of this online stuff I am still learning how to use the net

Im sorry ii sent this via email an thought itvwould of been answered in so sorry im still trying to work the internet out all out and had no idea i to be logged on here to answer

Dec 16, 2016

Hi Cole142228,

I've spoken to the operator and they've provided evidence of a significant number of accounts set up in your name over both of their brands. They also absolutely deny ever having advised you to set up any new accounts. Unless you can provide proof that you were told to open an additional account I'm afraid there's not going to be anything we can do to help you.



Dec 21, 2016

Hi Cole142228,

Unfortunately, as advised above, this isn't a case of there being a single additional account at each property and key information has been varied to prevent automated detection.

While I completely sympathise with your frustrations, the reality here is that what you claim your son-in-law was doing was illegal and is specifically prohibited in the terms and conditions of all online casinos. Where you've opened an additional account there's no way for the operator to differentiate between what was supposedly done by your son-in-law and what was actually you.

Without clear proof that you've been explicitly instructed to break the rules by the operator before you signed up we have no sound justification to argue for the return of your funds.



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