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Guts - Requesting a refund


Found for the Casino - Where a player fails to inform an operator that they are closing their account due to compulsive gambling issues, the operator cannot be held accountable if the player then re-opens their account and accrues further losses. The player in this case has not been clear that they have a gambling problem and as such Guts Casino cannot be expected to return losses.

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Player's Complaint

Good Morning

I would like to complain regarding Guts sports for a couple of issues, firstly is the length of time it took to get an answer on a query. I sent an email in on Saturday, and have had to go on live chat every day this week to chase them and pressure them for an answer.

Second issue which is the most important one in my view is, I sent an email in back in february complaining about there site, and requested my account to be closed permanently, to which I got a reply stating that my account has been closed "permanently". I admit, i never stated I wanted to be self excluded, but I assumed that requesting your account to be closed permanently would suffice if never being able to re-open this.

I then recieved an email from Guts sports offering me to re-open my account, also offering a nice £100 bonus no deposit required, to which I accepted.

I have further deposited £241 on this account, but have requested this to be refunded due to the fact that I was advised my account had been closed permanently. What does permanently mean?

I can send the email transcript through, in which i was advise by a member of staff my account was closed "permanently"

I hope you can help me, and I await your response.

Kind Regards


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3 Responses

User icon
May 1, 2017

Hi spudnick26 - welcome to!

I'm afraid that if you haven't informed the operator that your account closure request is related to problem gambling issues there is no ground for us to look for a refund here. While you may have used the word 'permanent' that does not indicate to the operator that you are not in control of your own actions. You may simply have been unhappy with the games or the service at that point in time. Many players make similar decision and change their mind later.

For future reference if you are looking to self-exclude and for your account to be considered under responsible gambling policies you must be explicitly clear when informing the operator of the reasons you are closing your account.

Sorry we cannot be of more help,


User icon
May 2, 2017

They had every knowledge that it was related to a gambling issue..

I sent them the email 1 day after i had lost £1000, and with another 3/4 queries on.

How can you requesting your account to be closed permanently not suffice in this being done, especially when Guts confirmed my account had been closed?

Can you explain to me why your account needs to be closed on grounds of a gambling problem, for this to be closed permanently??


Paul Wood

User icon
May 2, 2017

Hi spudnick26,

It's very simple - the operator cannot read your mind.

If I go into a pub today and have a bad experience and tell the owner 'I'm never coming back here again', if I come in next week the owner's under no legal or moral obligation to refuse to take my custom. If however I tell the owner that 'I've got a drinking problem and I don't want you to serve me anymore' and the owner knowingly serves me after this they're in the wrong.

Lots of players ask for their accounts to be closed for a whole host of reasons. Gambling is an emotional activity and when a player has a loss they can get angry about that. Simply asking for your account to be closed does not tell an operator that you're a problem gambler and does not fall under responsible gaming policies as there could be a variety of reasons you asked for your account to be closed.

Alongside the above, had you won rather than lost and knowing that you never told the operator you had a gambling problem, you would rightly have expected to be paid.

I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do to help you if you've not been clear and explicit at the time you asked for your account to be closed that you were doing so because of gambling addiction.



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May 1, 2017

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