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Jackpot Capital - unjustified withdrawal theft


Found for the Player - While we agree with the player voiding valid funds retroactively because of a recent violation is not fair, this group of operators will not change their practices.

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Player's Complaint

After playing a few years and losing lots of money in Jackpot Capital, I have finally managed to win and submitted a withdrawal of USD 180. Interestingly enough, they decided to verify my account only now (as long as I kept losing they could not care less) and smeared the verification process to more than a month, although I have sent them the (too) many documents they wanted very promptly. During this month+ time, they cancelled my withdrawal a few times since they wanted extra documents – which I promptly sent them and re-requested the withdrawal again, assuming that THIS TIME finally it will go through. During the last time of this pending withdrawal they sent me a standard free spins promo, which yields a few dollars on average, which later a player has almost no chances of withdrawing due to a large required wagering and capped withdrawal of 100-200. I played their free spins promo, won a few dollars and quickly lost it – nothing interesting so far, in my view. To my huge surprise, they used this natural behavior of mine to [EDIT] my pending withdrawal of 180, citing this: 23. Players with one or more pending withdrawals currently in their account are not eligible to receive any bonuses, promotional or otherwise, until such withdrawals are either processed or cancelled. Abuse of this policy, as defined by the casino, may result in cancellation of the players winnings.

In my (absolutely sure of this) view, they:

1. Are the main fault that my withdrawal was pending for such a long time and caused this situation from the first place. Had not they stalled the verification + withdrawal and smeared it for more than a month, it would not occur at the first place.

2. The only one abusing here is obviously the casino – THEY sent me THEMSELVES the small free spins offer, which I anyhow lost quickly, so if players with pending withdrawals are not eligible to receive promos – they should not send it to them. The abuse of this policy is clearly on their side only, trying to use this rogue trick in a weird rule (I am playing in casinos for years and never encountered such a thing) for their favor, defining and abusing their own rules and promos as they want. Surely no sane person can call playing a few free spins from their email an abuse – [EDIT].

3. I am pretty sure it is neither the first nor the last time they are using this rogue trick [EDIT] – it is probably a systematic, rogue abuse by them. To stall the withdrawal for an exaggeratedly long time on purpose, to demand huge amount of documents (much more than usual!), in the meantime send the player many emails with free spins/bonus offers to entice him/her to take it, and then use this rogue trap as an excuse [EDIT], while abusively interpreting their own terms and its definitions – it is a great system for them [EDIT], but a completely rogue one.

Emailing you the full correspondence with them, thanks in advance!

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1 Responses

November 1, 2020

Hi vladplaskovg - welcome to!

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to assist you. While we broadly speaking agree that using subsequent term violations to void historically valid winnings is an unethical practice, we have discussed this issue with this group on a number of occasions and they will not change their position.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


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November 1, 2020

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