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Joy Casino – account blocked with money in the account


Found for the Casino - This player has broken terms by opening multiple accounts from their address. As such we have no grounds to seek payment of winnings.

Player's Complaint

JOYCASINO - there is no listing for it above........... myself and my wife both opened accounts with this casino, we both played using our welcome bonus. We did not win any money. My wife then made a second deposit and wagered the bonus as stipulated and ended up with a balance of 300euros. When she requested a withdrawal her account was blocked and she was told that we could only have one account per household. We stated that we had 'been foolish' and had not read the terms and conditions properly. They informed us that if we sent in documents to verify our accounts they would see what they could do. Over a period of two weeks we did indeed send all the requested documents (several time) and eventually my account was unblocked (with 0 in the balance). My wifes account with 300euros in the balance still remains blocked. We have contacted them several times but they fob us off stating it is with their financial team. My wifes account is under [EDIT] and her username is [EDIT]. Can you help please

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2 Responses

Oct 30, 2017

Hi hoochey - welcome back!

Before going any further I have to be clear that signing up multiple accounts from the same address is prohibited by all online casinos. You have broken terms here and if the operator pay you it will be as a goodwill gesture only.

I'll contact them and see what we can find out, but you need to understand from the outset that this is not a case where we'll be able to compel the operator to do anything.



Nov 29, 2017

Hi hoochey,

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to help you in this instance. I've discussed this issue with Joy Casino and they have confirmed that multiple accounts have been registered from a single address. While I understand that you may have done this with innocent intent, it is clearly prohibited by the terms and conditions you agreed to at the point of registration. The operator view your play as bonus abuse and as such are not willing to make an exception in this case. There's no grounds for us to insist given that you have broken terms.

Sorry we couldn't be of more help,


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