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Karl - 50.000 kr deposit missing


Found for the Casino - This player's deposit was slightly delayed, but this does not alleviate their responsibility for subsequently losing it.

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Player's Complaint


I have won, I have lost in this casino. The usual thing. I usually play Live Blackjack.

I absolutely relied on them. I liked them.

But today I had a bad day and I lost a lot of money.

Suddenly, in order to be able to recover, I have deposited through Trustly 50.000 kr.

Then at my surprise, the money was out of my bank account but not in the casino balance.

I started asking to [EDIT], the support agent, and I only achieved answers like: "financial department will check it tomorrow" "your money is safe, will be reimbursed for sure" "we have not received the money"

Proposing NO SOLUTION!!!!

I have completely lost my reliability in this casino. [EDIT] Are not in my bank account, are not in the casino balance!!! For Gods sake!!!!! It is completely unacceptable!!!!

And the attention rendered by [EDIT] from the support team has been negligent!!! Unempathic!!! No resources!!! No technical preparation!!!!

Now my money is lost. Even if I recover it, it will be lost an uncertain amount of time. I'm very nervous and worried. It is going to affect to my work. I'm not going to sleep. I'm thinking in taking pills to calm down. I'm thinking in stupid things, and no human being deserves this. Casino has been totally lack of resources to solve my problem.

I was very wrong with this guys. I save some screenshots as proofs as well as the chat. Even they for sure will have a technical reason to explain what has happened, the suffering they have done to me, the frustration, that is priceless.

I hope you can put a little bit of Justice here. I would like to recover my deposits, give them my winnings, and forget them forever, if it is possible under your clauses.

Many thanks,


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8 Responses

March 14, 2018

Hi Crawfall - welcome back!

My first comment is that I think you need to calm down a little hear. I understand that this isn't a great thing to happen, but neither is it something the operator wants. If your deposit doesn't make it to them it means you can't play with it. The operator wants your play as that's how they make money.

In all likelihood this is just going to take a little while to resolve and the operator are going to have to try and trace your deposit to find out which intermediary has it. It's highly likely that you will get your funds back, it's just going to take a little patience.

I do need to draw your attention to the fact that we do not allow players to post accusations of criminality. I've edited your complaint submission. Please be aware of this in future.

Can you confirm this is still an issue? If so I'll contact the operator for you and see what we can find out.



March 14, 2018


I need to update you. Funds appeared 12 hours later in the casino account. I have not slept that night except the last few hours because of some pills effect I decided to take as the uncertainty of where my money were was killing me of anxiety. I lastly played such funds crazy in the morning in a self destructive manner and full of anxiety, honestly I don't know why. I completely lost my mind when the founds where lost at sudden.

Mentioned that, I'm in good conversations with Hugo, from the support team, and he has transmitted me quality, empathy and loads of professionalism. I'm waiting for him to agree on a goodwill compensation with his manager, and I have good feelings, even is taking longer than what was initially promised.

KarlCasino is a very good place. I have had no problems with any withdrawal. The key point of my complaint is this Trustly deposit. It is not fair and it is very harmful to the player that there is not any kind of technical information, details or follow-up error messages or whatever to feedback the player.

Let's keep on connected and many tx again.

March 15, 2018

Hi, update.

I have been compensated 15.000 kr by the casino because of a "gesure of goodwill" for the incoiveniences caused.

Hugo has told me that it has been the limit. Further discussions need to be done through here. Even I appreciate their gesture, I cannot consider it enough.

My arguments may be wrong, may be useless, but are the following:

"they advertise instantaneous deposits through Trustly" They have not met the add.

And the more important thing. It is not the same "playing a deposit" right after having done it as shown in the deposit methodology, than playing it "12 hours later", with your mind out of control (could have been 12 hours, 34, forever, one night breaks your brain), full of anxiety and with sleeping medication still in place. And I know I should have not touched the deposit but it was not me. I was out of control. And the driver was the initial loss of the money + the unpleasant assistance received (but we are all human beings, technical mistaskes happen, human beings commit mistakes)

What I only want and what I have transmitted Hugo is to "erase" that cursed deposit by refunding it to me.

In fact I would still be in a loss position with Karl and I will still have an excellent relationship with them. The point is that if I lose, it's me the one that loses. It is not a tehnical mistake or a computer decission (it has happened to me in Evolution Gaming already), it not "another version of me" "totally crazy, anxious and alterated" because of a Trustly failure and bad asistance.

For the sake of clarity, it has been 15.000 kr the amount reimbursed because it is the composition of two 10.000 kr + 5.000 kr deposits I made after the famous 50.000 kr ones (and they consider them made out of my mind) That is why I don't understand why they do not include the 50.000 kr one in the package, refunding me 65.000 kr, and closing positively this complaint. Fair deposits remain, toxic deposits are refunded.

Many thanks.

March 16, 2018

Hi Crawfall, I'm sorry but we cannot support your complaint at this stage. We are not here to seek compensation for players. We are here to correct wrongs. Now in this case your money has been slightly delayed but that's all that's happened. The reality here is that you chosen to play with those funds and you lost them. Having to wait a little time to resolve a technical issue does not absolve you of responsibility for your actions. If when playing you had won with these funds you would not be demanding that the casino take your winnings back! In fact you would be outraged at any suggestion that the winnings were not legitimate. When you choose to gamble money you are responsible for the outcome win or lose. I also have some very serious concerns regarding the statements you've made so far in this complaint. To be direct, it sounds to me as if you may not be totally in control of your gambling and that the loss of this money is having a significant negative impact on your life. I would like to encourage you to consider whether you are still fully in control of your gambling and whether you might want to consider taking some steps to help ensure that gambling does not damage your life. If you want to seek further help we can look to direct you to some groups that could assist you. We also offer players a free tool that helps them restrict themselves from accessing gambling services at times when they feel they may be vulnerable. This can be found at If you would like further information please just ask. Thanks, ThePOGG

March 16, 2018


First of all it is tue that in the last weeks I'm passing through some very dificult personnal problems, and yes, I have a problem with gambling when my mind is not focused. I have checked the add you have posted, app is not ready for Android (so it is useless for me). You self-exclude from one place, you have 1.000 more to register. Aid groups? I live in Sweden, I only have Swedish speaking groups and I don't speak Swedish. Anyway to close this matter, a regulation is going to be implemented in Sweden within the next months (Jan-19) so I will have enough tools very early, like the ones I had in Spain. And I will use them wisely. Thanks for your concern and for your advise.

You can disregard my argumentation about my state of mind while playing. I agree that if I had won (something very unlikely), I wouldn't have returned the winnings. And it is obvious, as I know KarklKasino this has not happened on purpose. They want your money inside your account ASAP and they are not as mind switched to think, let's delay this 12 hours for this guy to lose his mind (it sounds crazy even writting it) CLOSED.

Trustly & Nordea bank in Sweden are instantaneous, and one of the more feasibles methods of payment, I would say worldwide. And in my opinion you are wrong in one of your statements. Why I say you are wrong? Because you consider the story from the resolution backwards; meaning, it has only been 12 hours delay in the transfer process. The analysis must be done onwards, a transfer using high security systems is done, using a method that never fails, and at sudden the money is lost. I had no feedback like "I can see error 3452 and the money will arrive next morning", no one called Trustly to check out what happened (I guess they are Trustly customers), no one helped me, and I tried hard to know what happened. It is more, as of today I don't know what happened.

You say "We are here to correct wrongs"

- An automatic very reliable method of deposit has failed (I think this is a wrong)

- The casino has not had the tools to investigate and feedback the player about what has happened, resolution timeframes, has not called Trustly, etc (I think this is another wrong)

Basic wrongs you correct are confiscation of winnings, delays in withholdings, etc. I know it is not your thypical action to intermediate in a wrong of a one of the bests and more reliable payment systems and the procedures followed by a casino. It is more. I can understand KarlKasino. They are Swedish! You can ask them about Nordea bank, and about Trustly (it is a Swedish company) It is completely normal they are also not prepared to handle this scenario!!! Is nearly impossible to happen!!!

And let me end. You are fully right "Having to wait a little time to resolve a technical issue does not absolve you of responsibility for your actions" -> Amen

But let me complete: "advertising in your web an instantaneous deposit methodology, that all at sudden extracts the money form the bank account of one customer, and does not deposit it in the customer account balance, must have repercusions" It is a direct harm to the player, even it is a technical matter. It is a fake add.

We have a very dirty phrase in Spain that maybe one day I share with you in private. But basically it states that either we all accomplish and pay our sins, or none of us do them.

What I want here is a fair resolution of an unpleasant failure occurred, without anyone guilty, but with responsibles (first one is Trustly!!! KarlKasino should claim them a compensation!!! I would be very surprised if they hae not done it!!!!). Nothing more. Nothing else.

Being said that, I want to insist that I don't want in any way Kark Kasino to be harmed in this claim, They are one of the good ones.


March 19, 2018

Hi Crawfall,

You are entirely correct - only the Windows version of BetBlocker is available right now. However the Android version should be available in the next few weeks so I would encourage you to continue checking the website. The problem you describe, excluding a one casino but there being thousands of others that you can sign-up to, is exactly the problem that BetBlocker looks to address by stopping your device accessing any gambling sites.

With regard to your complaint, there is not such thing as a 'perfect system' when it comes to money transfers and while casinos try to work with partners that will process transfers as quickly as possible, they cannot guarantee that another company will get their job right every time. I do understand why you'd be annoyed when this happens, but realistically 12 hours is not a huge inconvenience in this type of situation. Part of what concerns me so much about the response you described is the level of anxiety you experienced alongside this delay! Allowing the operator a little time to contact their payment provider - and remember that will have to be the account holder, not any old customer service agent - to offer a response isn't unreasonable.

And with regard to advertising instantaneous deposits - I cannot agree with you at all. If 99.999% of transactions are processed instantaneously are you really suggesting that they operator should not make this statement because 0.001% have a short delay. The normal experience for a customer - and given that you've played with this operator before this issue you will know this - is that deposits are instantaneous. No human system is ever perfect and we have to work within reasonable expectations when any claim is made.

As stated previously, we do not negotiate compensation or damages as part of our service. I do think you were slightly inconvenienced. But it is up to the operator to determine how much if anything you should be given and you've also already been given 15k kr specifically for that reason.



March 19, 2018


KarlCasino has always been fair with me and even I have suffered and I have been struggled I agree with you that it's more a problem on me than a problem on them.

Right now I'm facing very hard times. I really doubt about betblocker as there are 1 thousand ways to cheat a blocker (buy other devices, hack the software, they never control ALL the places, always there are places they are not aware of...etc)

I tried one years ago, and all the good places where blocked, so in the end I found "dirty" places where I not only played but I also got confiscated winnings and I were scammed (Osiris Casino)

The solution will come in 2019 when Swedish Government is going to take control of the gambling, and they are going to put a self-exclusion national list. Exactly as the Spanish government did (I'm still in the Spanish one) The only way of helping gamblers is casinos to not let them in, there is no other way in the online world.

I hope is not too late and there is still a future for me.

You can close this one as solved.

As I have told from the first beginning, KarlCasino is one of the good ones. I hope they get the Swedish licence this Q3-18 as they operate with honesty and integrity, and I cannot say the same of the rest of casinos.


March 23, 2018

Hi Crawfall,

I can't tell you that BetBlocker is a magic bullet for your problems. It's not. Any system can be got round if you try hard enough. What I can tell you is that BetBlocker is free unlike the other filtering softwares on the market, it currently blocks access to over 4k gambling sites, we will be expanding this list massively in the next few weeks and that the group you mention (Osiris) are all blocked.

It is not intended to be a cure. But it is intended to help ;)


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March 14, 2018

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