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Leonbets - withheld funds


Found for the Casino - The account this complaint relates to has been collaborating with at least one other account in a manner that would breach operator terms.

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Player's Complaint

Hi there,

You recently helped a friend of mine whom I am in a betting stable with recover some funds from Leonbets.

I have an outdating balance owed from Leonbets which I originally tried to resolve through Sportsbookreview. You can see the full details outlined in this thread here

SBR reached out to leonbets on my behalf, they replied initially but then just chose to stick to their reasoning as outlined above and the case never went any further.

I was wondering if you had any contact with them since you were able to help my friend, it was nothing short of theft the way they treated me. I am able to send my full email communication with SBR to you if that helps in anyway.

Let me know what you think and if you need any further information.



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3 Responses

June 17, 2019

Hi edog, I'm afraid we're going to decline this complaint. Firstly, you talk about us "help[ing] a friend" of yours. We've only ever received a single complaint against LeonBet and as it's still open it is not publicly available. That means that you have to be in direct contact with the other complainant to know of the existence of this complaint. Any time players start using language like "friend" in reference to other accounts at the same operator fraud/collusion becomes a significant concern. However, alongside this you've gone on to reference a thread at SBR where you claim "I originally tried to resolve" the issue via SBR. However, having looked at the thread, the user posting the complaint uses the handle 'Slayer8888'. This is the same handle that was used by your "friend" when submitting their complaint here. There would appear to be a little bit on an identity crisis going on here relating to whether you or your friend is Slayer8888. We're not operating in any official capacity with regard to LeonBet, have received no response to date from the operator and are unlikely to given that LeonBet have stopped communicating with SBR 9 months ago and your own submission raises significant concerns for us regarding potential multi-accounting. Given a questionable claim and no realistic possibility of the operator cooperating we're not going to take any further part in the management of these claims. ThePOGG

June 18, 2019


Fair enough and I thought that could be the case. FYI we are not the same person. I run a betting stable,4 in total, study the tips, research sports books, take care of admin if a book decides not to pay etc and then take a percentage. My "friend" very much places his own bets although we are close communication and often sitting right next to each other.

As far as I am aware we are not breaking and TOS and I am careful to never be using same IP address, they fund their own accounts and place their own bets etc. Only ended up in this course as I have been limited with 100+ books offering the sport I bet.

Anyhow, appreciate the help with the other Leon case, whatever you said did seem to stir something.


June 19, 2019

Hi edog,

I would direct you to the LeonBets terms of use:

"6.2 Fraud shall include, without limitation: paying with stolen bank cards or vouchers, using compromised e-wallet access, any kind of player collusion, provision of false registration data, document forgery."

The definition of "collusion" is:

"secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy in order to deceive others."

When you're having to hide your IP address to mask the fact that both accounts are cooperating I would suggest that there is little question you are looking to deceive the operator regarding the relationship between the accounts. Whether or not you're engaged in traditional multi-accounting, where your friends are cooperating with you to seek profit that is a breach of operator terms due to "collusion". It may not cross the legal lines that traditional multi-accounting does, but it is a breach of terms and where detected is going to cause you problems.



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June 17, 2019

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