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Lucky8 - Void 23.000 euro of false support information


Found for the Player - The Lucky8 casino Live Chat representative very clearly explained how the bonus system works to this player, but was wrong in their explanation. The casino refuse to pay out the player despite this error.

Player's Complaint

First of all I am a fan from this site for a long time. I never hoped I have to use it. But today is the day.I hope the pogg can mediate for me in this issue.

I was registered at 7red casino which was a perfect casino they stopped there activity's casino and restarted with lucky 8 casino.

I was playing at there casino and all was fine I played with a bonus. The terms were a bit vague and in the software it stated real money and bonus money. I asked the chat he stated.

he said I could bet with real money as much as I wanted and with bonus money the maxium bet was 5 euro. So I saved the chat just to be sure. Two weeks later I won 23.000 euro and after a long wait of 1 week I got an email.


email [email protected] , [email protected]

Your winnings is voided because you “The maximum bet allowed when using a bonus (until full wagering requirements are met) is €5 per spin and €0.5 per bet line”

As I emailed back there answer was "Also Terms and conditions always prevent other what an agent might say."

So I feel a victim of this the court of law a agent is a representive of the company they should know the rules and there word is binding. It's such demotivating case with only losers involved I lost more then I won at there casino. I hope the pogg can mediate for a solution.

p.s. I can send you the chatlogs in private and all the deposits etc.

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4 Responses

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June 28, 2018

Hi Luck777 - welcome to!

Before we go any further can you please forward on all communication you've had with Lucky8 about this issue to [email protected]?

I'd also be interested to know what makes you think Lucky8 are connected to 7Red?



User icon
June 28, 2018

I sent the email!

7red stopped there activity's and it went over to lucky8 even if you google 7red now or go to the 7red webpage it links you to the lucky8 web site.

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July 9, 2018

is everything ok

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July 11, 2018

Hi Luck777,

We have concluded a long conversation with Lucky8 Casino. Unfortunately, while we entirely agree with and support your claim, they have chosen not to pay your win.

I'm going to quote the relevant section of the Live Chat conversation you had with Lucky8 below:

"_*(05:10:18) [PLAYER]: you play with real money first?*__*

*__*(05:11:06) [CASINO SUPPORT]: Exactly, then when your real money balance

is at 0 you play with the bonus balance*_

(05:11:41) [PLAYER]: ok

_*(05:11:47) [PLAYER]: can I bet higher than 5 euro*__*

*__*(05:11:51) [PLAYER]: with real money*__*

*__*(05:12:59) [CASINO SUPPORT]: Yes sure it can go up to 250 euros depending

of the machines*_

(05:13:25) [PLAYER]: cool so the bonus rules

(05:13:37) [PLAYER]: only apply if I play with bonus money?

(05:14:15) [CASINO SUPPORT]: What rules do you refer to precisely please ?

(05:14:50) [PLAYER]: bonus terms

(05:15:01) [PLAYER]: 5 euro max bet

(05:15:39) [CASINO SUPPORT]: Right, here is the condition :

(05:15:45) [CASINO SUPPORT]: The maximum bet allowed when using a bonus in

our casino games (until the full wagering requirements are met) is € 5

or currency equivalent and € 0.50 or currency equivalent per bet line.

Players exceeding this limit could potentially have their bonus and

potential winnings applicable to the bonus removed.

(05:16:02) [PLAYER]: I have first 200 euro real money

(05:16:07) [PLAYER]: and then 100 eur bonus money right?

(05:16:35) [CASINO SUPPORT]: Here is what you have right now :

*(05:16:36) [CASINO SUPPORT]: Bonus: 100.06 EUR Real: 200.13 EUR Total:

300.19 EUR**

**(05:17:09) [PLAYER]: Yeah so real**

**(05:17:29) [PLAYER]: so reall money I can bet more?**

**(05:17:41) [CASINO SUPPORT]: Exactly :)*"

This agent very explicitly confirms on several occasions during this exchange what part of your balance is considered real and what part of your balance is considered bonus, confirms that real funds are played first and confirms that the maximum allowed bet term only applies when playing with bonus funds.

The operator is enforcing the maximum allowed bet term on your real money play. Their terms and conditions may intend for the rule to apply to all funds until the wagering requirement is completed, but their support agent is very clear that this is not the case. As such, in our opinion, you cannot be faulted for not understanding this. By the rules laid out by casino support your play was entirely compliant and as such your win was legitimate.

The operator's position is that while they have acknowledged that there was some confusion created by the Live Chat exchange, the terms as written override the inaccuracies of the chat agent's explanation. We do not agree with this position.

Sorry we could not be of further help!


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June 28, 2018

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