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Magical Spin – problem


Found for the Player - Magical Spins have been illegally accepting UK traffic and have failed to provide any supporting evidence to validate their claim.

Read our Magical Spins Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

It is too long to describe here, and anyhow it is all in my emails with them, so I will just forward you the correspondence if I may, it is very self-explanatory, thanks a lot!

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8 Responses

Aug 31, 2020

Hi zeslkj423 - welcome to!

You need to summarise your issue. We are not here to trawl through emails and interpret what your issue may be.



Aug 31, 2020

Thanks for your answer!
I'll try to summarize, in case you need evidence / elaboration you can always refer to emails/me.

As can be seen clearly from the correspondence, MagicalSpin didn't want to pay my winnings of EUR 3054 from the very start of the quarrel and sought for various lame excuses to "minimize their costs" at my expense (underpay my withdrawal), starting from:
1. Trying to "play" on my former Israeli citizenship, which was waived by me 12 years ago!! And which I had to explain them many times(!), and due to their deliberate lack of response I've even had to go overboard (wasting lots of time looking for official documents from this long-gone period), sent these to MagicalSpin - all of it by on own initiative and time, whereas they simply didn't bother to answer the emails or withdraw my winnings, just like they did for a few months(!) beforehand. And when this attempt was refuted by me, they shifted to the next excuse:
2. Trying to "play" on "your bonus was not cashable and therefore we'll deduct it from your withdrawal and only pay 2054", and when I told them I'll find its T&C (either saved on my computer or will use a service like ThePOGG that tracks T&C to prevent casinos from retroactively changing it to defraud players) and will with 99% certainty prove them wrong, they've changed it to:
3. "you did not request the first deposit bonus before to make your deposit and so, the support team gave you a MANUAL one (they did not have to do it because players MUST activate the bonus before to deposit). Since it was a manual one, the bonus amount was not cashable and was not deducted automatically and needed to be deducted manually.", which again I've refuted by providing them TWO chats with their support (one from the time of the deposit, around half a year ago, and the other was fresh from the time of my email quarrel with them) that BOTH proved there is absolutely no difference between the two bonuses, whether it's automatically credited upon first deposit or (if their buggy system failed to do it, like in my case and like it's described in the second chat by their own rep) by manually adding it after the deposited funds, but before starting to play (which is what happened with me).

So even their third (and this far, final) attempt to defraud me (in this case by a bonus of 1000) was completely refuted, but they've stubbornly kept silence (and my money!), adding in their last email a few outrageous sentences that threw me off my chair from laughter, such as "you have been paid, and we don't have any time for you anymore." – I wonder how the person writing it will respond if his employer pays him only EUR 2054 out of his salary of 3054, and then will try to shut him up with this outrageous and probably illegal reply, trying to base it on fraudulent grounds and lame excuses which were already clearly refuted by me and their own chat reps…

Is it "the Curacao syndrome", where casinos think they can get away with everything?

Sep 29, 2020

Hi zeslkj423,

We have concluded our dialogue with Magical Spin casino regarding this issue. Sadly we have been unable to reach an agreement regarding this issue.

Firstly as a UK citizen you should only be playing with operators that hold a UKGC license. Magical Spins do not hold a UKGC license and as such are breaking UK law by accepting your custom. Up to this point our understanding was that this operator where adhering to UK law and were not accepting UK traffic. When we challenged the operator about this, they informed us that they were free to accept UK traffic as long as the player is using a cryptocurrency. This is absolute non-sense. There is no exclusion in UK law to allow operators to ignore the UK regulations simply because the player is using a non-traditional financial instrument. For this reason Magical Spin Casino will be moved to Not Recommended status.

As far as the balance alteration Magical Spin are relying on the following term:

"Bonus on deposit without wagering requirement :

This type of bonus is granted to players from "Belgium", "France", "Luxemburg", "Switzerland", "Australia", "United Kingdom", "Canada".
This type of bonus on deposit does not include wagering requirement to withdraw the real money balance
This bonus is not cashable."

This would be reasonable grounds for non-payment of the bonus fund barring two issues: the term does not stipulate that all bonuses granted to UK players and the operator has been unable/willing to provide any documented basis for concluding that you would be aware of the nature of this bonus. As such we cannot agree that this term is valid grounds for non-payment.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


Sep 30, 2020

Thank you very much!

"barring two issues" - here is another one, perhaps even (much) more compelling: this bonus was a STANDARD welcome bonus with about 30x wagering requirements on it (and perhaps on the deposit too, don't remember and doesn't matter), so I had to play a lot to accomplish it before I could withdraw, their system showed buggy stats on that so I had to ask their chat a few times "how much have I wagered?" before they fixed (more or less) their buggy system, etc. NOTHING to do whatsoever with "Bonus on deposit without wagering requirement" or with "This type of bonus on deposit does not include wagering requirement to withdraw the real money balance", unless of course they want to find yet another bogus excuse to "minimize" their payment (defraud me, in other words), and then suddenly they present it as a completely different bonus than the one that I actually took / was awarded by their chat support after their system failed to add it after my initial deposit automatically. So it's just another simple bluff, that exploded AGAIN in their face (can't they at least come up with better bluffs / rogue excuses to make me and/or you refuting them more challenging? That's a disrespect to your and my intellect, LOL). Perhaps they feel completely untouchable, residing/regulated in Curacao, so everything is allowed to them…

Is there anything you can do / recommend me to do about it (complain to other mediators, regulator, lawsuit, forums, nuke them, etc.) ? Thanks.

Oct 02, 2020

Hi Zeslkj423,

Sadly there is nothing further we could suggest. Curacao is a weakly licensed jurisdiction and we're aware of no players who have ever managed to successfully pursue a claim via Magical Spins Master License holder Curacao eGaming and none that have successfully engaged legal action in Curacao.


Oct 12, 2020

Thank you! Perhaps I should complain to AskGamblers, which have so far resolved all the complaints vs Magical Spin? (but on the other hand, so have you, until this one)
Or you reckon it will be a futile waste of time, with same results as with you?

Oct 18, 2020

Hey, guys? Just reminding, since when I posted my previous message, the system threw an error, so perhaps you didn't get the notification, although I do see my last message here. Thanks.

Oct 22, 2020

Hi Zeslkj423,

As stated above there is nothing further we can do to assist you. You are free to try alternative vendors if you wish.



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August 30, 2020

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