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NetBet - Have Stolen My Money


Found for the Casino - due to some confusion about a withdrawal during the rebranding of Games770 to NetBet this player lost funds that they thought to be processing as a withdrawal. NetBet offered a bonus as compensation which was accepted. After losing the initial withdrawal and the subsequent bonus the player reversed a withdrawal of £900 and lost that as well.

Player's Complaint

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Since Casino770 has switched into NetBet my withdrawals were not processed and were returned to the net bet account without my acknowledgement.

As far as I was aware I was using my bonus money which turned out to be my own money, £981.21 was removed in total after complaining they then told me sorry we put the money into your account without telling me.

I have all off this in writing and on video which I intend on using in legal action against Netbet.

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4 Responses

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August 6, 2013

Hi mankstar33 - thanks for getting in contact.

I appreciate your strong stance regarding legal action here, but before you go down that route let me try talking with NetBet and see if I can make any progress in reaching an amicable solution - that's what I'm here to do!!

Before I approach them with this issue there are some details I'd like you to clarify for me. Firstly you say that 'As far as I was aware I was using bonus money' - I take that to mean that you did not realise that you'd completed the wagering requirements and had not realised that you had done so? Have NetBet removed funds completely or have they simply returned them to your NetBet account? It appears from your complaint that they've been returned to your account but I want to be completely clear on the situation. Further to this, if they've returned then to your NetBet account, have you tried submitting a further withdrawal request? Have they told you that they will not pay the disputed funds?

It would be a big help to me if you could forward on any email correspondence/video footage of live chat conversations to [email protected]

Finally, before I approach NetBet, I need you to provide your username and the email address you use at NetBet, so their rep can locate your account.

I appreciate you're frustrated at the moment, but let me speak to them and I'll see if I can help.



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August 7, 2013

Hi mankstar33 - thanks for your email. I think I have a clearer picture of what's happened here.

Just to keep you up-to-date I have managed to start speaking to someone at NetBet about this issue, so please bare with me while I carry out that conversation.


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Dahl yates
August 7, 2013

Thank you for your help. I will check regularly for any response.

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August 8, 2013

Hi mankstar33, Having discussed this issue at length with NetBet there are some issues that I feel should be clarified with regard to your complaint. Firstly, it does strike me as strange that upon finding £81.25 in your new NetBet account, it never occurred to you that this may be the same £81.25 that you withdrew from your Games770 account. It has to be acknowledged that £81.25 is a very specific amount to have withdrawn and coincidentally then received the same amount as a bonus. That would have set alarm bells ringing for me. Despite that, NetBet have informed me that they provided compensation in the form of a bonus being offered and accepted by yourself for the inconvenience caused in this situation. As you accepted this compensation there is no grounds for any form of further compensation regarding the initial £81.25. Furthermore, with regard to the £900 that you redeposited to your account after the loss of your bonus - this was your own personal choice to risk these funds. While I understand that the situation may have been frustrating for you, personal responsibility still has to be taken into account here. I may get angry with a co-worker, but it doesn't mean i HAVE to punch them. If I choose to do that I place myself at risk of disciplinary procedures at work and possibly having to face charges. The co-worker may have made me angry, but I'm still responsible for my actions afterwards. Likewise, you may have been angry at the loss of your fund and the subsequent bonus, but the choice to gamble further was still your own. I do think that part of your behaviour is indicative of someone chasing their losses and without judgement, this is a behaviour that is associated with people suffering from issues with gambling. If you feel at any point that gambling is having a detrimental affect on your life I would strongly encourage you to lock all your casino accounts and seek help. On that front, I'd be more than happy to put you in touch with the right people should you feel that you need advice. You can reach out to me at any time at [email protected] I'm sorry that you are aggrieved by this situation, but I cannot fault NetBet in their behaviour and approach to dealing with your issue and as such have marked this complaint a 'Found for the Casino' ThePOGG

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August 6, 2013

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