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Party – Withdrawals Not Received


Resolved - Party casino have provided a breakdown of the disputed transactions and the player is no longer responsive.

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Player's Complaint

I have been trying to resolve this situation for over a month. The casino has all my bank records but still can't seem to clarify if they have made any of my deposits. There are obviously some deposits that were not even made and the remainder it is impossible for me to tell. I asked them to look at my bank statement, which I provided twice, and they don't seem to even know the exact amounts that they even sent to my bank. They keep asking me for the amounts which I find odd. I have now dealt with this by emailing and live chat for well over month and they do not seem to be any closer to resolving this matter.

Listed are the withdrawals in dispute:

1.03/31/2017 00:15 EDT Fast Bank Transfer 14909337265579572 135.00 22.00 Processed

2. 03/29/2017 00:43 EDT Fast Bank Transfer 14907625864673023 70.00 0.00 Processed

3. 03/14/2017 03:02 EDT Fast Bank Transfer 14894749256392307 80.00 0.00 Processed

4. 03/11/2017 01:39 EST Fast Bank Transfer 14892143434089314 205.00 145.00 Processed

5. 03/04/2017 02:36 EST Fast Bank Transfer 14886130000011874 135.00 25.00 Processed

6. 03/03/2017 07:25 EST Fast Bank Transfer 14885439351228271 100.00 46.00 Processed

7. 02/15/2017 19:00 EST Fast Bank Transfer 14872032566918171 90.00 57.00 Processed

8. 02/12/2017 00:33 EST Fast Bank Transfer 14868775965647386 90.00 45.00 Processed

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7 Responses

Apr 23, 2017

Hi bentbrandon - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Before going any further, can you clarify for me: Are the above listed withdrawals missing? i.e. you've submitted these withdrawals, Party claim to have paid them, but they've not arrived in your bank account?



May 01, 2017

Hi bentbrandon,

I need the above requested information before we can move forward with this issue?



May 01, 2017


Well at least one is missing for sure. The others I cannot confirm because there are some deposits, I play with other casinos, but these deposits do not match up to these withdrawals. I have given them a full bank statement and asked them to confirm what deposits are theirs, if any, but they have not done this.

But for instance, the last 2 deposits i have listed, I have checked my bank account and I only see one deposit (which doesnt match up) so therefore seeing there is not even 2 deposits there is obviously at least one missing.

May 26, 2017

Hi bentbrandon,

Unfortunately after repeated efforts to contact Party we've received no response from them what-so-ever. At this point we have no reasonable expectation of this changing. As such there's little else we can do to assist you.

If this issue is still unresolved and you are still wishing to pursue it you should contact the Gibraltar Gambling Commission using this form - https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/new/sites/default/files/HMGoG_Documents/CRRF%20V%201.0.5.pdf.

Sorry we couldn't be of further help,


May 29, 2017

Hi bentbrandon,

Party Casino have just got in contact so I'll see what they have to say now.



Jun 02, 2017

Hi bentbrandon,

Party casino have responded to us providing an email they sent to you on the 5th of May as follows below:

"Dear [REMOVE]James[REMOVE],

This is regarding the withdrawals you previously had queries about.

Below is a summary of the withdrawals in question.

Regarding the transactions for which we provided you with proof of Payment:

WD Trxn #: 14892143434089314 – Amount that you should have received on bank account: 43.09 USD (initially requested amount 205.00 CAD, reverted 145.00 CAD, processed 60.00 CAD = 43.09 USD)

WD Trxn #: 14907625864673023 - Amount that you should have received on bank account: 50.86 USD (requested amount 70.00 CAD)

WD Trxn #: 14894749256392307 – Amount that you should have received on bank account: 57.68 USD (requested amount 80.00 CAD)

WD Trxn #: 14909337265579572 - Amount that you should have received on bank account: 81.96 USD (initially requested amount 135.00 CAD, reverted 22.00 CAD, processed 113.00 CAD = 81.96 USD)

Regarding the other four withdrawals:

WD Trxn #: 14886130000011874 - Amount that you should have received on bank account: 80.24 USD (initially requested amount 135.00 CAD, reverted 25.00 CAD, processed 110.00 CAD = 80.24 USD)

WD Trxn #: 14885439351228271 - Amount that you should have received on bank account: 39.39 USD (initially requested amount 100.00 CAD, reverted 46.00 CAD, processed 54.00 CAD = 39.39 USD)

WD Trxn #: 14872032566918171 - Amount that you should have received on bank account: 24.63 USD (initially requested amount 90.00 CAD, reverted 57.00 CAD, processed 33.00 CAD = 24.63 USD)

WD Trxn #: 14868775965647386 - Amount that you should have received on bank account: 33.39 USD (initially requested amount 90.00 CAD, reverted 45.00 CAD, processed 45.00 CAD = 33.39 USD)

Please compare these with your bank statement again and if you still believe there are any discrepancies, get back to us with a bank statement for the period these withdrawals were made and specify which ones you believe to be incorrect.

Keep in mind that even though your partycasino.com account is in CAD, the transaction was made in USD, hence the funds were converted. If your bank account is in CAD, the funds would have been converted again. Due to conversion rates, the final amount would be lower, if this is the case.

Keep in mind that some banks charge a fee for converting funds from different currencies, so you will need to check with your bank regarding this.

If your bank account is in CAD, we would recommend that you use the Electronic Transfer withdrawal option for future withdrawals, in order to avoid any fees and/or conversions.

Apologies for the delay in handling your request, but keep in mind that matters like these usually take a bit longer due to the multiple parties involved and the serious nature of the issue.

In case you have further questions, we will be more than happy to assist you. We are available 24/7.

Thank you for choosing us as your online gaming site."

Do you have any question regarding the above?



Jun 12, 2017

Hi bentbrandon,

If we haven't heard from you by Friday the 23rd of June we'll assume the above makes sense to you and close this complaint.



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