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RedStar – wrongly accused of using bot on poker


Unresolved - Red Star claim that this player has used a bot on their poker tables but that the Microgaming Poker Network will not allow them to provide evidence.

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Player's Complaint


December 4 my computer HDD(computer hard disk) died and I reinstalled windows and Red star poker client for new.And could not log in to poker account, but Red star casino account worked so I thought maybe some technicals issues, but next day they blocked everything and the reason "Your account is permanently locked by Red Star Poker and MPN network security due to usage of automated software for play (bot).

Remaining balance is nullified and will be distributed between affected players."

But I dont use any bot and they can easily check it by my hand history and so on, but they just ignoring me and thats it.

No explanation, just you are using bot.

But how could

1.Last month I had big downswing on poker, played 75 buy ins below all in ev and for that reason was a bit on tilt and made bad decisions like bluffing and calling bad all ins.Does the bot could be on tilt?

2.As i said firstly they blocked just my poker account but not red star casino online account , so if i am cheater I just could go and cash out money.But i did not.

3.The only reason they could suspect me of using bot, cause of my big volume and multi-tabling. But in fact it proves that I am not bot. Cause I am playing about 5-7 hours a day, 20 days per month and multi-tabling around 10 tables, so for that reasons if in few tables there a lot of actions so sometimes I miss to make a bet on other tables and automatically go sit out in others tables, so thats prove that I am not using bot, cause bot would always get in time.

4.Than playing I always checking my balance and clearing my points(you get 1$ every 33 point) so I do not know can they see that, but does the bot do that.

It is absolutely nonsense. And now they just ignoring me.

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2 Responses

Dec 12, 2018

Hi maksrokass - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Unfortunately it is very unlikely we'll be able to help you. The Microgaming Poker Network has previously been unwilling to discuss this type of complaint before and I would suspect the same will be true in this instance. We will contact the operator to see what we can do but it's unlike to be successful.

As to your points of contention that you cannot be using a bot, these are invalid.

1. A bot could be programmed to adjust its play based on the history of the players at the table at the time. This could easily result in plays that would be non-optimal against a random opponent becoming the correct play based on the strategy most likely to be applied by the players at the table. The win/loss result would not be an accurate assessment of whether the correct play was made.

2. This could easily have been overlooked by the security team. Your lack of action has no bearing on whether or not you were using a bot.

3. A bot could be programmed to miss hands. In fact most good bots would be programmed to do this to avoid being detected as a bot.

4. A bot that can play poker optimally could easily be programmed to redeem comp points. This is a trivial function in comparison.



Jan 29, 2019

Hi maksrokass,

I've discussed this issue with RedStar. They inform us that the Microgaming Poker Network has identified you has having used prohibited automated software. I have to be clear that if we could establish this to be true we would unquestionably support the operator. Unfortunately however they have refused to share supporting evidence to validate this conclusion. As such we have two parties with opposing claims and no grounds upon which to draw a conclusion. As such this complaint will be marked as 'Unresolved'.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


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December 11, 2018