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Slots Jungle - they lied


hisslv4ever was ultimately paid their winnings after a discussion with Slots Jungle where they agreed that while there had been a breach of terms and conditions, the breach had occurred on previous bonuses, not on the bonus that generated the winnings.

You can read more about Slots Jungle in our Slots Jungle Casino Review.

Player's Complaint

June 12, 2013 I went to Slots Jungle chat and inquired about an NDB I had heard about. The chat girl Rose told me that I had already used my welcome bonus and until I made a deposit I couldn't get another NDB. I asked her about a match bonus and liked the terms of the bonus so I decided I would deposit. I wanted to make sure that if I won I would be able to cash out so I asked her if there was anything wrong with my account that would prevent me from cashing out if I happened to win something. She told me no I would have no problems cashing out. There was also a phone call for verification and I asked her again if I would be able to cash out should I win something. Again she told me no there would be no problem cashing out. I won $600 and made my play through with $646.91 in my account. I then sent in the required documents for a withdrawal.

June 16 I got an email from Johnny in the finance department saying that they required an ACH number from my bank before he could approve my docs. I immediately sent him this number. June 17 I got an email from Johnny telling me my docs had been approved. I went to the casino and requested a withdrawal of $600. I then emailed Johnny and the finance department to tell them I preferred a check instead of wire transfer. June 18 I received a message saying they could not guarantee I would receive a check as form of payment on my withdrawal. They require 4 days for withdrawal approval. June 22 I had not heard anything about my withdrawal so I went to check on it in the casino. I opened my account history and it showed my wire transfer request was declined. I thought that was probably because I had asked for a check. It also showed a manager withdrawal of my funds $646.91. It also showed reversal of my deposit bonus which they always do when you cash out. It showed a manager deposit of $21 into my account which I assumed was my 100% cash back that was part of my deposit match.

I still wasn't sure about it so I went to casino chat and I don't remember the name of the girl I talked to but I asked her if she could tell me what was going on with my withdrawal. She told me that my check had been sent out and I would receive it no later than July 1st but probably sooner. I waited until July 5th and when I still had not received my check I went back to casino chat again. Jerry Matthews told me that my withdrawal had been canceled and finance was supposed to have informed me. I asked him why and he said I had won with an NDB. I told him no I made a deposit and used a match bonus when I won. He kept saying I won with an NDB and I told him I was looking at my history which clearly showed my deposit and match bonus. I was then transferred to VIP manager Giovanni Alexander who told me that he was sorry but I had attempted to use more than 1 NDB in the past. I told him I won my money with a deposit and that I had asked before I deposited if I would be able to cash out and was told I would with no problems. He told me that if I deposited I would be able to cash out NEXT time. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and asked him why would I trust what he was saying after being lied to about cashing out already? He said he would give me the cash back on my deposit and that would prove I could trust him. It proves nothing to me. I asked him why was I lied to about cashing out and about my check being sent. He did not answer my question but asked me did I want to deposit or did I want him to put the money in my account. I told him at that point I really didn't care what he did put it in there if you want. I was not about to deposit anything. I did not save the first two chat sessions because I was not expecting that I was being lied to and didn't think it was necessary. I trusted what I was told to be the truth. I didn't save the last chat session because I didn't even think about being able to file a complaint at the time and I was very upset. I would have probably just let it go if I hadn't gone to chat before my deposit to make sure I would be able to cash out. I did do that though and was lied to. I think that is pretty shady to lie just to get me to deposit. I can't figure out why she lied about my check being sent though. I already knew I had tried to use several NDB's in the past but wasn't sure how many I actually did use and I didn't want that to mess up my withdrawal should I happen to ever get one. That is why I asked before my deposit if there was anything wrong with my account that would keep me from cashing out . I asked her this twice, once in chat and once on the phone. She told me no I would have no problem cashing out.

Slots Jungle Casino my user id is [EDIT].

My email address is [EDIT].

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9 Responses

July 13, 2013

Hi hisslv4ever - thanks for getting in contact. Two pieces of information; Firstly, as this is Saturday morning, I'll write to Slots Jungle, but I wouldn't expect to hear back from them until sometime next week. Secondly, as this dispute involves multiple no deposit bonuses and a separate deposit bonus, it would really help me to see your account history. The transaction history can be found on your Slots Jungle account as shown below; If you could take a screen shot of your account history and email it to [email protected] that would be great. Include as far back as you can - the more information I have here the clearer I can make my initial statement to Slots Jungle. If the history extends over several pages, please use multiple screen shots. In the meantime I'll try to establish contact with someone at Slots Jungle. Have a great weekend! ThePOGG

July 17, 2013

Hi hisslv4ever,

Apologies for the delay dealing with this - we've so far had no response from Slots Jungle.

I'm going to pursue this issue again just now, so please bare with me.


July 20, 2013

Hi hisslv4ever,

Unfortunately I still have not had any contact from Slots Jungle. I'm going to make another attempt to contact them now, but if I don't hear back from them by next Saturday (27th of July) I think I'll have to close this as we're unlikely to make any further progress.


July 23, 2013

Hi hisslv4ever,

Just to update you - I am now in contact with a Slots Jungle representative and trying to resolve this issue. Please bare with me.


July 26, 2013

Hi hisslv4ever,

Again to keep you informed - there is an ongoing conversation with Slots Jungle. The issue does seem to revolve around you having claimed multiple no deposit sign-up bonuses and we're currently discussing terms and conditions and how they should be implemented. Bare with me while I see if this conversation will go anywhere.



July 31, 2013

Hi hisslv4ever,

I'm currently waiting from a response from the Slots Jungle security department regarding this discussion. I'm going to chase that up again just now.



July 31, 2013

Hi hisslv4ever,

I've just had feedback from Slots Jungle and they've confirmed that a cheque has been sent to you for your balance.

I'm going to detail the reasons for the confiscation as I do feel that there is some justification for the action they took.

Slot's Jungle carry the below term;

"Only one new player promotional coupon can be redeemed per new player account. After the use of a No-Deposit coupon on a New Account, no more No-Deposit coupons are allowed to be credited until after a real money deposit is made."

Having looked at your account history, you attempted to redeem over 40 No Deposit coupons without making any deposits to your account. The figure that I came to was that you'd successfully received 6 No Deposit coupons, breaking the above term 5 times.

Had you tried to withdraw winnings from any of these additional coupons, I would have supported Slots Jungle in their confiscation of your win.

This issue as I saw it was that the breach of terms occurred on previously lost No Deposit bonuses, not on the most recent deposit bonus. As you had not broken any rules when playing with the deposit bonus, I asked Slots Jungle to review their decision as denying payment based on the previous bonus terms violations put you in a no win situation (regardless of what you discussed with live support, you would never be allowed to win due to previous breaches).

On review, Slots Jungle have agreed to issue your payment. However, they feel that attempting to claim so many No Deposit coupons despite a clear term against doing such is in poor faith. As such your account with Slots Jungle has now been locked.

In that much I have to agree with Slots Jungle. Looking at the number of unsuccessful attempts you made to claim No Deposit coupons - many of which you tried multiple times when the system automatically rejected them on your account - I can only assume that you've been hunting specifically for these codes. When this is looked at alongside you feeling the need to specifically ask whether there was anything wrong with your account and if you'd be allowed to withdraw it certainly suggests that you knew that you were not meant to receive multiple No Deposit coupons.

I believe that the fair conclusion has been reached in this instance. In my opinion you are entitled to the winnings that you should receive shortly. For the future however, I would advise caution when using No Deposit coupons. As I said above, had your win occurred on an additional No Deposit coupon, I would not have asked Slots Jungle to make a payment. As such you could never claim any winnings from these additional coupons and the only effect claiming them has had is to complicate matters when you did win on a deposit.

I'd also be aware that if you've been banned at Slots Jungle, you will not be welcome to play at the other AffActive properties which I'll list here;


Casino Titan

Golden Cherry

Jackpot Grand

Slots of Fortune

Win Palace

I'm going to hold this complaint open until such time as you've both received the cheque and it has cleared into your bank account. If you could confirm when the cheque arrives and again when you manage to cash it, I'd appreciated it.

Thanks for your patience with this issue.


August 3, 2013

It has been confirmed via email that hisslv4ever has received the a cheque for the full balance of $646.91 and it has cleared into their account.

As such I'm going to close this case as 'Resolved'. I would like to say that the Slots Jungle team were responsive and willing to listen when it came to dealing with this issue - which is a huge positive - and that the payout was processed exceptionally quickly for a cheque once the decision had been made!

lori price
August 3, 2013

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just want to say how awesome you are for all the people you help with these complaints. It's just really great. I can't thank you enough for what you did for me! And I do want to say I am impressed that Slots Jungle even discussed the issue with you and were willing to come to a fair conclusion. That's really good and hopefully it will continue to get better..So thanks to you too Slots Jungle

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July 13, 2013

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