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Sloty - Withdrawal


Found for the Casino - This player has breached the maximum allowed bet term associated with bonus play and as such there is nothing we can do to help them.

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Player's Complaint

Dear madam/sir,

Last week I have been very active on the platform of Sloty wining APP around 13.500 euro. I have made a serous profit and was very happy to cash that out. However, today my balance suddenly (and without notice!) was reduced to 100 euro's only.

After having a chat and a telephone discussion (with the support officer) I have the following conclusions:

1. Sloty did an out-reach to me via a push mail on using Sloty platform by giving me an offer.

2. This mail has a complete different look&feel then all other mails Sloty normally sent to their customers. In this mail you don't show anything on rules&requirements of using bonuses. Question for Sloty: Why is there no visible information of the usage of bonuses compared to all other Sloty mails. And that is exactly on that mail that offers a "your account has been selected". QUESTION for sloty: Do you agree that there is a huge difference in Customer experience between this mail and all the others, with respect to the usage of bonuses (missing any information about placing bets higher then the 5 euro) on the platform?

3. I did use the bonus to place bets, not realizing all the specific requirements like for example the max bet amount of 5 euro.

4. On the platform of Sloty there are NO safety measures at all to prevent customers from making mistakes. This is compared to other platforms a serious lack of customer protection. It was clear out of the phone conversation with the support officer that he agreed on this point and that Sloty is working hard preparing this mistake.

5. I have obviously made that (unconscious) mistake by placing bets outside the cap. If I would have know / If I was properly informed during the game (or on beforehand in the bonus mail or during selecting the bonus on the website), I would obviously not have placed those bets for these amounts.

5. At a certain point I was looking at my balance and found out that I had requirements on my balance. I was near reaching the requirements and at a certain point the money went from the bonus money box to the real money box.

6. The real money box is for me the box that is your own money and is ready for being cashed out at the moment one wants to do so. You can chose to either place bets, or to cash it out and use it for your groceries.

7. From that moment on I was convinced that I was placing bets with my own real money and NOT anymore with bonus money. If this money was created by me depositing out of my bank account, I would have placed exactly the same bets.

8. Sloty didn't warn at any moments that I was doing something wrong. Now I am at the moment of cashing out and am confronted with Sloty taking out ALL my money earned honestly by me!

9. Especially the money made after I had wagered the amount are without any doubt earned by me and out of the perspective of betting with my own money.

10. During the call I found out that Sloty only perform the check of the balance at the moment the customer asks for a cash withdrawal. The time gap between making this "mistake" and your check can therefore be a really long period of time with a lot of bets meanwhile placed on this site (with Sloty obviously making a transaction profit on all the bets).

For me it sounds very reasonable to have the cash paying out to me immediately. I am therefore urging Sloty myself to reconsider the decision, and immediately change their processes as well.

I do hope you can look at this event out of the eyes of the customer. This set up isn't fair at all. Quick summary:

1. No information about max bet during bonus in mail,

2. No information about max bet during select this bonus

3. No information or notification opening a slot

4. No limits on the slot during the bonus

5. No check from Sloty on your account when making a mistake using bonus funds

5. Even no check on funds while the money has been changed form the box bonus money into the box REAL Money

On top of this I am wondering how this works? Is Sloty aloud to keep these "confiscated" amounts and book them as a profit? I thought that those casino's make money by charging transaction fees and not be reclaiming money from customers.

I do hope that you can help with retrieving my funds.

If not then I will be forced to start the legal process against Sloty.

Thank you very much for your help and looking forward to a fair and honest restoring of my cash balance account.

Warm regards,

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1 Responses

October 8, 2018

Hi Pietpiraat - welcome to!

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to help you in this instance.

Sloty casino have a 'Bonus Terms and Conditions' linked in the footer of every page of their sites. This page contains a section called 'General' section which contains the following term:

"10. The Maximum bet that can be wagered whilst having an active bonus is:

Slots and Video Slots - €5 per bet.

Any other game - €30 per bet.

Failure to follow this may result in forfeiting any winnings at our absolute discretion.

You may find your Real Money and Bonus Balance(s) under the ‘My Account’ Tab."

General bonus terms and conditions are applicable to all bonuses and promotions. If you have breached this rule then all play associated with this bonus would be considered void.

If you want to challenge whether this specific term should have been included in the advertisement you would need to contact your local advertisement regulatory agency to see what standards they require.

Operators are not required by license to enforce maximum bet rules automatically due to the fact that they cannot control the in game environment which is produced by other companies.

It is standard practice across the industry to review play for bonus term compliance at the point of withdrawal.

Given that the funds associated with your bonus play are void, any play you undertook after completing the wagering requirement for the bonus was engaged with funds that were void and as such are void themselves.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


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October 8, 2018

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