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Vanguard - 2 months and my withdraw still not sent to me


Found for the Player - Despite our repeated efforts to discuss this issue with Vanguard Casino we have received no response what-so-ever.

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Player's Complaint

Hello POGG , my name is [EDIT] and I've been a player at Vanguard Casino two going on three years now I've got four successful deposits during this time it hasn't been until recently like the beginning of this year problem with Vanguard over 3 months for them to send me $500 withdrawal they have no excuse for not sending it other than they had a problem with their transfer service for when I make a deposit I use no bonus attached to my funds so that there's no playthrough required and I usually spend more deposit more than I end up winning in the long run but the problem of it is now I'm having the same problem with them again from August 24th I put in a withdraw request Now WITHDRAW the procedure is 18 business days. Well I still haven't got my withdrawal so I finally contacted the chat then I was informed that I needed to update my verification so I did that and on October 7th 2018 the account manager sent me a email saying my account has been read verify so from October 7th I'm still waiting for my withdrawal to come in now I'm waiting from August 24th reason why now I'm filing a complaint is because I talked with [EDIT] and they say send a email to support @ vanguard casino well i have and no reply . Every since October 7th I have got no replies from [EDIT] my account manager also when I go to chat to relay a message . I checked my account information they still have the money in my account with the option for me to reverse my withdrawal i know that is a rule that your money is reversible until they send it but they know that i requested it since 08/24/18. the no communication has got me frustrated and wanting to file this complaint for the chat service can't tell me anything other than they say they emailed my account manager to have him get ahold of me well I haven't got any response if you can help me with this matter I surely would appreciate it and after this the second time that they done this to me I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt when they wanted to say I needed to re- verify myself I am who I am and the deposits I made were legally made from me. I even sent them a photo copy of my credit card bill with their Casino charge on it and pictures of the credit card and my state-issued driver's license but like I said again they sent me an email and I still have it on file, saying that everything been verified I'm just wondering why they still haven't sent my funds knowing that I am waiting. If you can help me with this matter I would surely appreciate it .. THE POGG HELPED ME ONE TIME BEFORE WITH VANGUARD CASINO, please help me again

Sincerely [EDIT]

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2 Responses

October 22, 2018

Hi Botkern - welcome back!

As previously I need to make you aware that Vanguard Casino are Blacklisted at this service and are part of a group that are routinely non-responsive to complaints submitted to us. The chances that we will be able to help you are very low. Nevertheless I will try to contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



November 23, 2018

Hi Botkern,

Unfortunately this time round Vanguard Casino have been entirely unresponsive to our repeated efforts to discuss this issue with them. At this stage I have no reasonable expectation of this situation changing.

Sorry we could not be of further help!


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October 22, 2018

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