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Video Slots – £35,000 taken


Found for the Casino - This player has been using strategies to mask their location while playing from a restricted jurisdiction. As such the operator would have no reasonable way of knowing about the violation before admission.

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Player's Complaint

I moved to France some time back and since then I have lost roughly £35,000. Only after I had lost this money I was informed that Gambling in France was against their terms and that my account was to be blocked. I told them that I was unaware and did not understand why they took numerous months to block my account while they were happily taking my money, to which they said "it took a while for our systems to detect". Coincidentally, their 'systems' only detected this once they have seen I have run out of money and stopped depositing after roughly 2/3 months. I told them that this was an unethical practice, and asked if I had won money whether I would have been allowed to withdraw, again to which they said my account would be terminated. I kindly asked them, that if I was unable to win anything then I should be entitled to a refund of my deposits, given they put me in a loose-loose situation which is not gambling but simply robbery. Further to this, I have since contacted MGA and ARJEL the French regulator who confirmed they do not have a license which allows them to take bets from french residents, and thus broke their licensing agreement and the bets should be voided.

I have made numerous request for an answer to this issue to the casino over the last 7 months and have yet to receive a response.

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6 Responses

Apr 25, 2018

Hi p1t2r3 - welcome to!

Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to assist you with this issue.

Firstly the following term applies:

"1.1 For a person to be registered as a player, that person must submit an application for registration. The application will, at least, require the following details about the player:

first and last name
mobile number
valid email address
to be at least 18 years of age and 21 in countries where that is the minimum age by law.
A person maintaining a registration warrants and represents that any information provided by it in its application form is true, updated and correct. "

In short it is your responsibility to inform the operator if your registered details change. If you have not done this when you moved to another country then you are at fault.

Secondly, we do not rule against operators simply based on have accepted play from a jurisdiction that prohibits online gaming. That is the responsibility of the jurisdiction to enforce. Unless there is something fundamentally unfair about the gambling transactions that were engaged this is not a case where we would look for the return of losses.

Sorry we cannot be of further help,


Apr 25, 2018

Dear ThePOGG,

What is fundamentally unfair is that during this period I was unable to withdraw winnings. Yet I was simultaneously able to loose vast sums of money, is that doesn't constitute as fundamentally unfair what does?



Apr 25, 2018

Also, I opened the account when I was living in the UK and I also maintained residency in the UK at the time, so why should I change my address? All of my banking documentation and other official accounting was linked to my UK address, I have dual residency.

It is not my responsibility to monitor which countries the casino does or does not have a license for. That is their responsibility as they are the one to have to respect and uphold the requirements of their gambling license.

Further to this, they should have informed me MUCH earlier that I was unable to withdraw winnings and that my account was in violation of their terms. Instead, they allowed me to continue to deposit and loose money, and only after it was all gone did they inform me.

Once I had deposited and lost £35,000 over the course of two months, was I told I would not have been able to withdraw anything during this period. Had they told me in a more timely manner, I could have stopped depositing (knowing full well I would be unable to withdraw winnings or even my deposits back) and saved myself all or at the very least a large chunk of those deposits. Instead, the casino kept quiet for some time, continued to absorb deposits without informing me of this pretty fundamental flaw in my gaming and when questioned why they apologised and said "it took their systems a while to detect" which as you may already know is completely false.

May 01, 2018

Hi p1t2r3,

Specifically, what reason were you given for not being able to withdraw? Can you forward on the communication you had with the operator regarding this issue to [email protected]?

Where you have residency makes no difference if you are NOT resident there. Online operators do not ask for where you could be resident, they ask for where you ARE resident. If you had stopped physically residing in the UK, then you needed to update your account details even if you retained the right to continue your residency within the UK at a later date.



May 03, 2018

Hi p1t2r3,

Thank you for your email. These communications make clear that you were not actually trying to withdraw funds at the time in question. So withdrawals were not being denied for any other reason until the operator became aware that you were no resident in the country you registered with.

I'll speak to the operator regarding this issue, but the core issue is that you have not informed the operator of your change in residency.



Jun 22, 2018

Hi p1t2r3,

I've spoken to Videoslots at length about this issue and unfortunately we cannot uphold your claim.

You have been engaging systems that mask the location you are really signing-in from. The only reason that this has been detected is because you've signed-in from a location that was on the prohibited list. At which point you were locked out.

The operator would have had no reasonable way of knowing you were playing from a restricted jurisdiction because of this activity and as such claims that you would not have been paid due to this (prior to logging in from a restricted jurisdiction) are not valid.


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