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Video Slots – Insufficient Disclosure


Resolved - VideoSlots have offer the player an explanation for the Error they received while playing MegaMoolah Isis. The player is happy with the explanation.

Player's Complaint

Hi ThePogg!

This is the first time I am using your service and I hope the last.


Username; [EDIT]

Email; [EDIT]

Game; Microgaming - MegaMoolah Isis

Here is the problem:

I may have received a Jackpot Spin for the MegaMoolah Jackpot on the MegaMoolah Isis game. Then, all of a sudden, I get an error message popup... Error 2

I contact support, they ask me to jump through their hoops, and I do. I rebooted the MegaMoolah Isis game as requested, only to find out, my Jackpot Spin is gone! The entire spin was rolled back completely. So I ask the questions. What is Error 2? What happened to the jackpot spin I never used? Will I ever see my 4 million dollar jackpot?

From what I understand, they are unwilling to disclose what Error 2 means for my case. At the same time, they can not award the Jackpot Spin. At the same time, I have no idea what the chances of getting a Jackpot Spin in MegaMoolah are, nor the various prizes in the feature itself.

They say they will look into it and fix it. What about me and my spin? I have no evidence, no jackpot, no spin, no explanation... Should I have cleared my cache like they asked? Help!

Here is the support log (they ask for players' full name, please remove my last):

23:01 Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.

23:01 You are now chatting with [VIDEO SLOTS REP] (Customer Service) - English

23:01 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: Hi [PLAYER], how are you?

23:01 [PLAYER]: Hi there, good.

23:02 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: Nice to hear, what seems to be the issue?

23:03 [PLAYER]: I was playing MegaMoolah Isis and it gave me an error message, saying contact the the casino help desk quoting with the error "Error 2".

23:03 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: Alright try this:

23:03 [PLAYER]: I just got a Jackpot Spin, so, this is very bad!

23:04 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: Log out from your account, delete cookies and cache from you webb browser and wait a few minutes ( 5 - 10 min ). And then try to enter the game again. The problem should be solved.

23:04 [PLAYER]: I feel like I just lost 4 million dollars.

23:05 [PLAYER]: Will I get my Jackpot Spin back?

23:06 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: One moment please so I can have a look at your account.

23:07 [PLAYER]: It is for the MegaMoolah Jackpot.

23:10 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: I will have to ask you to log out from your account, delete cookies and cache from you webb browser and wait a few minutes ( 5 - 10 min ). And then try to enter the game again. The problem should be solved.

23:11 [PLAYER]: Okay, can I get a ticket number please?

23:11 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: Let me know when you have done this, if the issue still appears, I will have to send this case further for an investigation.

23:11 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: Ofcoure, one moment please.

23:12 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: Chat ID: TWE-262-46854

23:12 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: Of course *

23:15 [PLAYER]: Thank you. I will log out, delete my browser cookies and clear my cache. I will be back if it is still not working.

23:15 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: Sounds great [PLAYER].

23:15 [VIDEO SLOTS REP]: We will be here for you.

23:22 Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.

23:23 You are now chatting with [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2] (Customer Service) - English

23:23 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: Hi [PLAYER]. How are you today?

23:24 [PLAYER]: Hi, I think I was just talking with you about this problem?

23:24 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: You weren't but I am reading the log now :)

23:25 [PLAYER]: Now it appears my entire spin was rolled back and the jackpot spin is missing altogether!

23:26 [PLAYER]: I would request disclosure on what "Error 2" means, please?

23:27 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: Okay, I will go through your history to see what might have happened. You get it when some kind of technical error appears, nothing concrete.

23:28 [PLAYER]: It is for the Microgaming MegaMoolah Isis game.

23:34 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: I can't find that missing jackpot spin either, it should have appeared when you got the game working again.

23:34 [PLAYER]: Well, it didn't and now the problem is that my Jackpot Spin is missing in action. =

23:35 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: Yeah that is unfortunate. Since the game is working for you again, it would probably not make a difference troubleshooting further from your end so I will have to forward this to our technical support.

23:35 [PLAYER]: I would request disclosure on what "Error 2" means, please?

23:35 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: technical department I mean.

23:36 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: And I don't have information exactly what it is about, just that it is a technical problem so not very specific.

23:37 [PLAYER]: I am requesting disclosure on what "Error 2" means exactly... You can not provide this?

23:39 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: Unfortunately not, it usually happens when the game crashes as you saw but I don't know any more than that.

23:40 [PLAYER]: Okay, so, can you award a MegaMoolah Isis Jackpot spin?

23:40 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: The normal fix is to just clear cookies and cache as you did and everything works as usual after it being done. Not the case this time which is why I have to have our tech guys take a look at it.

23:41 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: That I cannot either, we can't configure the games at all since we rent them all from providers.

23:43 [PLAYER]: We clearly have a problem. I don't know what these Jackpot spins are worth, but for me, they take forever to get!

23:43 [PLAYER]: Can I have a ticket number please?

23:45 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: Yeah we'll get on it as soon as possible. If you mean to this chat it's JGJ-435-61149. :)

23:46 [PLAYER]: Thank you. I will be contacting a mediation service about the missing Jackpot Spin. I hope we can sort this out, this is my favorite casino.

23:47 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: Sure, if you think that's easier for you then we don't mind. Glad to hear you like it here, I hope this won't get too long to solve :)

23:48 [PLAYER]: I will keep playing other games until it sorted out, for sure.

23:48 [PLAYER]: Just not MegaMoolah games.

23:48 [VIDEO SLOTS REP 2]: Ok, yeah I have everything logged now so go ahead. Sounds like a good idea :)

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10 Responses

Jan 18, 2016

Hi User3524 - welcome to!

This isn't going to be an easy issue to resolve so I'm going to make some observations to begin with.

Firstly - triggering the bonus feature that could result in winning the progressive jackpot is not the same as winning the progressive jackpot. It's somewhat akinned to getting given a lottery ticket and losing it before you see the numbers. Yes the lottery ticket gave you an opportunity to win the lottery, but the most likely outcome by far is no win what-so-ever.

Secondly - customer support staff at a casino are unlikely to know what the technical specifications of any given error code are. They may know how to resolve some of the more common errors, but knowing precisely what an error code means would likely require referral to the software provider.

Thirdly - I can essentially assure you that there will be no way for the operator to re-trigger a bonus feature for you. Manipulation of a game in this manner would be very concerning and would cause the game to deviate from the published payout reports. Even if the software provider could do this, operators certainly wouldn't be given this facility.

At the present time I'm not totally sure what could be done about this issue - if indeed the issue can be confirmed - but I will talk to Video Slots and see what I can find out for you.



Jan 18, 2016

Thank you for understanding the situation.
Your metaphor about the lost lottery ticket very much sums up the result of what had happened.

My complaint is more about the lack of information about what happened (and if it will happen again). As a player, I need closure on this, so I can enjoy the jackpot games again as I did before.

Jan 19, 2016

Hi again, I just checked my email and received a reply from the technical department I think... I forwarded it to your email.

(I noticed on line 23:40 in your support log, my full name is still there, please fix?)

Jan 20, 2016

Hi User3524,

Just to let you know that I've received your email and I'm talking to VideoSlots about this issue now.

I'll try and get the information you requested.



Jan 29, 2016

Hi User3524,

I will be talking to Video Slots next week and while it will be a brief conversation I intend to raise your issue.



Jan 29, 2016

Thank you.

PS; (I noticed on line 23:40 in your support log, my full name is still there, please fix?)

Feb 11, 2016

Hi User3524,

I did speak to Video Slots in a general sense about the management of complaints on Saturday. Essentially the person that usually manages the communication about player issues has been out of the office due to the birth of their child. I've requested that someone else takes their place in the meantime and am hoping to move this issue forward in the near future.



P.S. I've removed your name.

Feb 16, 2016

Hi User3524,

My understanding is that VideoSlot will be contacting you shortly via email or phone to provide more information on this issue.

Please let me know when this happens.



Feb 16, 2016


VideoSlots contacted me via phone and explained what 'Error 2' for MegaMoolah games was. They said this Error is thrown when the bet placed by the end user times out before it reaches Microgamings' servers.
This explanation satisfies me as it has clearly disclosed that my initial BET didn't get placed and the MegaMoolah Jackpot spin I witnessed was simply an unavoidable graphical glitch.

Thank you very much for helping me retrieve this disclosed message from Videoslots. I'm good now.

Feb 17, 2016

Hi User3524,

I'm glad to hear you're happy with the answer you received and sorry it took so long to get it for you.

All the best,


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