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VideoSlots – casino requires a notarial documents!


Resolved - Due to the alternative Russian alphabet, Video Slots casino could not translate the documentation this player submitted. As such the asked for Notarized ID before the player could make any card deposits. Ultimately a screen shot of the player's Skrill account served as verification for a Skrill depoist.

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Player's Complaint

Good afternoon! I played in many casinos. Nowhere I have not had any problems with verification of my account! My driver's license has a record of my data in English. bill for water in Russia in Russian. This is logical. requires my notarized documents. On your website it says the casino as reliable. it is not true!

Department: English

Full Name: [EDIT]

Email: [EDIT]

Your Question: ?

Staff: [VS CS]

19:42 Your Question: ?

19:42 Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.

19:43 You are now chatting with [VS CS] (Customer Service) - English

19:43 [VS CS]: Hello [WWW420XE]. How are you?

19:44 [WWW420XE] : You accept deposits without verification account why?

19:44 [VS CS]: Please explain what you mean further and state what method you are referring to?

19:45 [VS CS]: +

19:45 [WWW420XE] : I want to change the address. phone and pass the verification. Only then will make deposits.

19:47 [WWW420XE] : What documents should I send?

19:48 [VS CS]: You can update your profile under "Edit profile" on your account. Then you need to upload various requested documents under "Documents on your account, in order to get verified. However upon making your first deposit depending on what method you are using another Requested Document might appear. If this happens you will have to upload a document there as well. At the moment your requested Documents are Proof of identity and Proof of Address.

19:49 [WWW420XE] : ок

19:50 [VS CS]: Is there anything else I might do for you?

19:51 [WWW420XE] : law and the bill for water. upload now. Remember his address and my phone this number. [EDIT]

19:51 [WWW420XE] : my phone this number. [EDIT]

19:52 [VS CS]: Please make sure that Your Proof of Address cannot be older than three months. As I stated earlier you are can update your profile yourself under "Edit profile" on your account.

19:53 [WWW420XE] : It's okay. Do you think I'm an idiot?

19:54 [VS CS]: I have never implied that. What makes you think that?

19:55 [WWW420XE] : I uploaded

19:56 [WWW420XE] : Proof of Address Processing вода.jpg

19:56 [WWW420XE] : Proof of Identity Processing Права.jpg

19:56 [VS CS]: I can see that. Altough your Proof of Idenity was rejected since the document was stated in Russian.

19:57 [VS CS]: In order for your document to be accepted it must be in English. If you do not have respective document in English you will have to get it translated and stamped by a notary.

19:59 [VS CS]: Your Proof of Address was also rejected since it was stated in Russian. Please note that this document either has to be an Utility bill, an invoice, or a bank statement in English. If you only have these documents in Russian you will have to get them translated and stamped by a notary.

20:00 [WWW420XE] : Well, I will write a claim on this site. that you do not respect the players and require notarized documents stupid. in Russia for water documents in their native language. in your country documents in Russian?

20:03 [VS CS]: Unfortunately we cannot read russian since the letters differ from our alphabet. Therefore you will have to get it translated and stamped by a notary. This is a security that is taken by the company to prevent fraud and what not.

20:03 [WWW420XE] : Copy correspondence. I play many casinos everywhere took my documents. Such nonsense in your casino I see for the first time.

20:04 [WWW420XE] : You think I'm a fraud?

20:04[VS CS]: I am sorry that you feel this way. However this is a precaution our Casino has taken to prevent eventual cases of fraud or what not.

20:05 [VS CS]: I have not said that. I am simply stating why you have to get your documents translated and stamped by a notary.

20:07 [WWW420XE] : This silly claim. I am 18 years old. I make deposits through more you do not need security. I will write to the licensee further about your stupid demands.

20:08 [WWW420XE] : My international driver's license there is a record of my data in English. you're lying to me insolently.

20:09 [VS CS] I am sorry you feel this way but this is how it works at our Web Site. You agreed upon these terms when registering on our Casino. You can read our T & C on this following link: hxxps://

20:09 [VS CS]: Althoug various details on your Driver License was unreadable since they were stated in Russian.

20:10 [WWW420XE] : You're shameless liar! Everything is perfectly evident.

20:11 [WWW420XE] : Wash your eyes!

20:12 [VS CS]: I am not lying what so ever [WWW420XE]. You must understand that your documents needs to be translated and stamped by a notary in order to be approved. This is a security precaution the Casino has made and that you agreed upon registering your account here.

20:13 [WWW420XE] : ok I'll take care of your casino.

Support Center: hxxs://

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22 Responses

Jan 18, 2015

Hi WWW420XE,

While I'm not particularly keen on requests from Notarized ID being used as a verification method, I do accept that there are times and places where this process is valid. In this instance I don't feel that the request is entirely unjustified.

What I will say is that having reviewed the Video Slots terms and conditions there's no mention that non-English documentations will result in a Notarization requirement. If this is a standard that Video Slots are going to hold to I do feel that players need to be made aware of that in advance.

I'll be happy to raise this issue with Video Slots but before I do so I'll need you to provide me with the username you use at their casino.



Jan 19, 2015

Thank you very much for your reply ! My login to the casino [EDIT]. I tried to explain to them that all casinos accept the bill for the water without any problems in Russian .
I do not understand how to translate the bill for water on the English language and to assure him of a notary ? Such services notary does not have under the laws of Russia .
It's unrealistic demands ! I sent them a driving license which has my name in English. I am over 18 years for deposits I use What could be the casino security problems ? on my account verified no limits . Requirements casino flimsy they abuse their safety rules .

Jan 19, 2015

Hi WWW420X,

I'm afraid that I can't ask them to drop this request. My intention is to ensure that their terms are clarified for future user, but Video Slots have a legal responsibility to confirm your identity before paying any funds out to ensure against fraud. If they do not do this then they are in breach of their contract.

I can assure you that you can get documents notarized within Russia, it simply requires an appointment with a lawyer that offers this service.

If you're not prepared to get this done the best you can hope for is the return of your deposit.

The alternative to this is providing proof of address that is in English.

I realise this isn't going to be what you want to hear but I cannot demand that a casino ignore their legally required anti-fraud responsibilities.


Jan 19, 2015

Do you think that I'm a cheater ? Their demands is absurd ! I registered in the 100 online casinos and nowhere I have not had any problems with verification of the account. In I sent the same documents . no problem , my account was verified . Your current verification status: Mr Green Verified! My account was verified no problem. Lightning Fast Payouts ™
Your documents have been approved and account is now eligible for Lightning Fast Payouts ™. these documents does not accept. This is absurd ! I believe that it is necessary to warn players that can be a problem and do not recommend this casino game. The player must receive comfort in the casino, do not be an investigator to prove that he is a man and not a donkey !

Jan 19, 2015

I don't believe you're a cheater, but nor do I believe you're innocent. I don't have evidence to support either conclusion. What I do know is that the ID you've submitted so far is not adequate to meet the legal responsibilities of Video Slots.

Whether other casinos have the facility to verify non-English documentation on not is irrelevant to this issue. If Video Slots cannot verify Russian documents they cannot meet their legal requirements and as such payment cannot be made.

The issue here is that there inability to process non-English documentation was not made clear on their website prior to play.

I can't force a casino to forego their legal responsibilities. That is not within the remit of this site. Even if I could I wouldn't - any casino that was so lax as to ignore its legal responsibilities for as little as a request from this site would immediately lose their placement here.

The above being the case, the best I can do for you is see your deposit returned or ensure that you will be paid if you provide valid documentation. That is as much as I can do for you.


Jan 19, 2015

I did not do in this casino deposits. I would like to pass the verification of deposits. This is reasonable. Than to have such problems then. I'll send you an e-mail account for water and a screen shot of the account in where have my address in most casinos is an alternative to other documents. ThePOGG thank you very much for your interest in my problem. I see you are an honest man!

Jan 19, 2015

Hi WWW420X,

I'm neither resource nor in any way qualified to tell Video Slots what ID they should accept. Even if I found no issues with your ID I couldn't make that decision for a casino.

I've just had an extended discussion with Video Slots about this issue. Here are the facts of the situation.

1) You haven't played at all with Video Slots. Their system established that Notarized ID would be required from you - for card deposits - prior to you depositing or playing. There is no winnings to contest here. While I understand your frustrations if you don't like this policy don't play with Video Slots. As there's been no unfair losses there's nothing to warn other players about.

2) The Notarized ID is only required if you wish to make a deposit via card. Deposits via Skrill or Neteller can be verified without NID. Given that you've discussed having a Skrill account that would seem the logical option. You will have to provide a screen shot of your verified Skrill account showing your email address and physical address.


Jan 19, 2015

In this casino deposit cards I will not do! I have a lot of experience playing in different casinos, I know what a casino can make a deposit card and which are not. So I use for deposits in troubled casino. ThePOGG the fact that in hand, I can not be ordered until the conclusion my account has not passed verification and no matter what my deposit was through This is a problem, and the players have the right to know about it. casino with problems and they ask for notarial documents.

Jan 19, 2015

You are not able to withdraw since you are not verified and this can be of two reasons:

1.) You have recently registered and therefore have not gone through the verification process in which case you need to verify your identity by uploading proof of ID and address.

2.) You have deposited with a new non-verified credit/debit card in which case your verification status is automatically set to not verified even if you were verified prior to the action. We need to verify your new card in order to bring your satus back to verified.

Jan 19, 2015

Hello [WWW420XE],

The security check on your address was not approved.

Your uploaded files must be in any of the following formats:
- File type JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF
- not larger than 3MB (three megabytes) in size
- proof of address cannot be older than 3 months
- all documents need to have all 4 corners visible

Please upload a new image or contact support[@] in order to conclude the security check.

Kind regards,

Jan 19, 2015

They do not take screen shot of your verified Skrill account showing your email address and physical address.
This casino verification problems no matter where he was a deposit !!!

Jan 19, 2015

I do not have a credit card deposit. I will use for deposits an
electronic wallet. I owe you nothing except to confirm his age. You have
all the right in the head?

Hello [WWW420XE],

The document must have an issue date which shows that it is not older than 3 months.

If there is anything else we can help you with, you are most welcome to contact our support again.

They are sick people! They want to screen shot of your verified Skrill account showing your email address and physical address. not older than 3 months. This is the height of idiocy))

Jan 19, 2015

WWW420X - there's nothing to warn players about - Video Slots told you that you that you needed to provide NID BEFORE you deposited. If you didn't want to do that you could just go elsewhere!

I've just spoken to Video Slots again for you - they're just about to email you requesting you submit the Skrill screen shot over email. They'll verify it that way :)


Jan 19, 2015

Thank ThePOGG! But I think it is not normal to give advice to play elsewhere. I uploaded them to a screen shot skrill online and sent by e-mail. Notary services cost money. I think it is abnormal to force the player to spend money on notary. The casino does not offer me a certificate notarized that the casino fair play. its integrity so they do not care they should believe everything on the floor.

Jan 19, 2015

Proof of Address

Jan 19, 2015

WWW420XE - why are you still trying to play with Video Slots casino if you think they are such a poor casino and do not care?

What doesn't make sense here is that there's nothing forcing you to do anything but you're jumping up and down and making a huge fuss out of nothing! You have no money with this casino. If you're that upset by the casinos security process why not choose one of the hundreds of other casinos online?

Video Slots has done nothing to you but you continue to sling mud at them for no good reason. Why would you continue to fight your way through the verification process when you've already decided that Video Slots lack integrity? Are you really intending to put money into a casino you believe has treated you badly? It's your behaviour that makes no sense here.

If you had money you were looking to withdraw I could understand your complaint, but with no money being contested this is a huge investment of time for no reward!


Jan 19, 2015

Because your site is listed as a proven casino. This is my problem where I play! I am a man of principle, and if I see injustice will go to the end. I understand you are dependent on their partners and therefore take their side. The truth is never pleasant! According to Russian it sounds like. True colitis eyes! I am writing in fact my problem with this casino account with verification. When I pass the verification of account it is my problem. before or after the deposit. I did not throw mud on the fact I write !!!

Jan 19, 2015

ThePOGG if you take on the function, a player in the debate, you must have an independent position in the debate on the fact of the dispute.

Jan 19, 2015

Then you will have a fair reputation guy! Among the players. As is well known reputation for money can not buy. Thank you for your help and your time!

Jan 19, 2015


Your problem here is entirely of your own creation. You are a player from Russia. Players from Russia have to meet certain criteria to be allowed to participate at Video Slots. If you don't like those criteria you are free to choose a different casino that does not hold a requirement for NID.

So far you have WASTED hours of my time on an issue that's irrelevant. If you want to play with Video Slots give them the required ID. If you don't want to play with them, don't. If you don't agree to the terms they've laid out you can't play with them. Simple as that.

The only injustice here is in your mind and it's rooted in a misplaced sense of entitlement.

Frankly you've been both rude and hostile in both the conversations I've had with you and from this point on you are no longer welcome to submit complaints to this site.


Jan 19, 2015

ThePOGG you yourself have written to me that if I used to deposit I do not need to send documents notarized. I sent them my skrin shot by skrill where there is my data. Casino created a problem not me! I did not want to hurt your dignity and show you hostile. Once again, I was convinced that justice in this world! All the best. In fact my problem is not solved!

Jan 19, 2015

WWW420XE - I'm no longer interested in assisting you with your "problems". Further posts will not receive publication.


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