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Wheelz - Withdrawal not processed


Found for the Casino - This player has refused to engage with valid KYC requests. As such there is nothing further we can do to assist them.

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Player's Complaint

Wheelz online casino has refused to process and cancelled my 400€ withdrawal because their sister online casino Spinz is requesting more documentation from me.

My accounts are and have been fully verified on the Rootz LTD casino group casinos (Caxino, Wheelz, Wildz, Spinz).

They have used this shenanigan with me before when Wheelz cancelled my withdrawal because they claimed that Caxino needed more documentation.

Now Spinz requested source of wealth documents and I sent them 3 of my the latest payroll documents and also due to Corona virus payment documents from my earnings-linked social benefits.

According to MGA regulations and guidelines this should be more than adequote but they keep asking for more and more documentation and deny to process the withdrawals.

They have also now ceased all communications and are not replying to me anymore. They had no problem accepting my deposits but when I have a withdrawal they condesend to these ”tricks”. Fool me once shame on me fool me twice, enough and I´m confident I won´t be the only one treated like this with Rootz LTD.

Best regards,

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3 Responses

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December 15, 2022

Hi pasipoju - welcome to!

Firstly - there is no such thing as a fully verified account. There is sufficiently verified for now, but that does not mean more will not be required later.

The MGA regulations do not place concrete rules on what is required to complete verification, as the laws that address these requirements supersede gambling regulation. In fact, there are no crystal clear statements of requirement as the trader is expected to use their best judgement to ensure that any transaction they process is legal in nature. It is up to the trader to decide what is required in any given situation.

What is the operator currently waiting on you providing?



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December 18, 2022

Hello and thank you for your reply,

Please explain to me why it is not enough and more documentation is needed if I have already provided the operator official documents of my income and earnings linked benefits?

Why do they ask for more documentation when I have a withdrawal but they don´t ask anything when I make a deposit?

As mentioned they used this shenanigan with me once before, do you consider this kind of conduct from the operator to be correct?

What does the MGA license stand for, player protection or ensuring the profits of the operators?

The operator is asking for some kind of ownership certificate. Hard to say what it is since I have asked them about it and they have stopped all communication. Do you consider this kind of behavior from the operator to be in line with an MGA license? What do you think this to be fair and reasonable business practice?

They also wanted some kind of calculations from my poker winnings but frankly that is none of their business especially since I have provided them already with sufficient documentation of the origin of my income.

Are you paid from the casino operator´s side or from MGA?

This situation is utterly ridiculous. The amount of money withheld by the operator is 400€ but now this has become a principle for me and I have also contacted MGA directly to hear where they stand on this. I´m eagerly waiting to hear your responses.

Best regards,


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December 20, 2022

Hi pasipoju,

I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy. However we do not at this juncture see what you have described as being unreasonable, based on reasonable flags that we could assess - without having spoken to the operator - may have been raised on your account.

If you feel that the partiality of this service is in question, you are within your rights to exit this process and take your complaint elsewhere. We are not acting in any official capacity with this operator and any action we take is done based on our goodwill. Though, to be clear, the same requests would be made if you were complaining about where we act officially as the ADR for the operator.

You can choose to cooperate with our process - what exactly has the operator asked that you provide? - or sadly there is nothing further that we can do to assist you.



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December 14, 2022

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