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Slotjoint - complaint


Found for the Casino - The term this player is questioning states that the operator 'reserves the right to', not that they 'will' take a specific action.

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Player's Complaint

Have been in conflict with SJ for some time, and instead of listening, they try to cut of the head: suddenly all dutch players are not allow. They will not provide any reason why, not inform the customers affected. The chat option is even blocked in holland, and via VPN contacting support resulted in closing the chat after simply asking.

Besides that, during a investigation i found several abnormalities on " winners list frame" that rolls by on the main screen. According to support chat, they are legit players, and the two letter abreviation result from account name. However, I found several accounts that seem to have double nationality ( 4 accounts, that share same abreviation, but in different countries, chance of that is zero). Evenmore surprising is that player "RI" comes from a country with a red flag? and his winnings have no currency value, in the next frame "RI" is from belgium and wins another amount in euro's this time.

other account:

Raising this question via VPN online chat ( holland is banned), I was assured that the data was correct, however after confronting them, the chat was closed.

Moreover, raising the question why player from holland are suddenly banned, and why they don't reply to emails regarding: they close the chat.

Presenting a "latest winners bar" with false information is misleading, and fraudulent, and i dont get why they cut of any communication if questions are raised.

If they are legit, they do not act as an normal casino, to a persons that raises questions.

Some time has gone by.. Slotjoint will NOT reply to the simple question: Who is you legal representative? In order for my attorney to file a formal complaint, and press charges in applicate law jurisdiction. However, we are not giving up, one if its many shell cooperations is registered in Curacao, by a dutch native.. So we will get there..

Watch out people: this is not normal, ignoring and blocking a player, and a whole country, after asking questions, while breaching their own terms..

I would deposit my chips elsewhere ..

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7 Responses

User icon
June 27, 2019

HI jcnwholland - welcome to!

Before going any further you are going to have to clarify exactly what you're contesting here? While I appreciate the winners lists wouldn't reflect well if there is in fact a deliberate error here (rather than simply a system bug) this would not be grounds for return of your losses. Nor would the casino restricting your country invalidate your historic transactions. So what is your claim based on?

Furthermore, if you are already pursuing legal action this would supersede any action this service could take and as such we would not look to take this case on.

So can you please clarify exactly what the situation is here?



User icon
June 27, 2019

Please my complaint send to licensing provider: Begin forwarded message: From: [EDIT] Subject: Formal complaint against slotjoint Date: 26 June 2019 at 18:24:21 CEST To: [email protected] Cc: [EDIT] Dear Reader Attached is a multitude of chat logs, and emails that I got from Slotjoint, but they stopped communicating. In short, my claim: -Slotjoint violated her owns terms my allowing deposits from bankcards not on my name, let alone noticed 300X times more deposits on my account in 14 days, abnormal previously. They say: the surname matches, but none of the account match my full name nor personal information ( cards have never been verified). -Slotjoint support provided false information regarding a security check, and then denied its purpose -Slotjoint, after contacting, refuse to provide information regarding legal representatives, so my attorney can send a formal letter - Slotjoint blocked my acount whithout notification - During my complaints, Slotjoint suddenly blocked all players from holland, while not changing its terms. I was not informed. My legal team found this by testing. Slotjoint will not reply on the why and how? !!!!!!!below is private, and not for general site!!! [EDIT]

User icon
July 1, 2019

I've already send you the info. Could you btw please publish the financing structure of this site? Who is contributing? under what terms?

User icon
July 1, 2019

I'm stating this because the 'licensing body' to who I have send a formal complaint, is everything but unbiased according to public documentation. Also, slotjoint is kind of promoted. please see post: [EDIT] Please elaborate

User icon
July 2, 2019

Hi jcnwholland, No you have not - which is why I've asked for further information. The winners list has no impact on the outcome of any specific gambling transaction and as such does not form sound grounds for you to contest losses. Perhaps you would have a claim for false advertising, but that would have to be reviewed by your local advertisement regulatory body. As to the operator having restricted the Netherlands - SlotsJoint are a private business and entirely within their rights to determine which markets they are willing to work within at any given time. Furthermore, many Curacao licensed operators have been pulling out of the Dutch market in the last 18 months due to the edicts being passed down by the various Master License Holders based in Curacao responding to actions taken by the Dutch government. If you're not prepared to answer the question I'm asking there's nothing we can do to help you. As to your questions regarding the "financial structure" of this service - no we won't be publishing financial information that we are not otherwise required to do so by the various government or regulatory agencies we are subject to. If, as seems clear, you are looking to question the partiality of this service by suggesting that we have been 'bought' by the operator you are complaining about, in the first instance the corporate structure of this service has been reviewed and approved by multiple regulatory agencies including both the UKGC and MGA and in the second, if you are sceptical of our service's integrity there is no purpose in your request for us to act on your behalf as we end up in a position where you are holding a gun to our head - anything other than supporting your claims, which at the present time I'm unclear as to you having any sound basis for, results in your deceleration that we have acted improperly. From this point forward please keep you responses relevant to your complaint. Thanks, ThePOGG

User icon
July 12, 2019

Hi jcnwholland,

I've just found your previous posts in our spam filter due to your inclusion of links to a non-approved site.

Reviewing these additional posts my comments would be as follows:

i) In the modern market card transactions of this nature are verified by 3D Secure verification ( This requires a password verification at the user end. If the card has not been verified previously on the device the transaction will not go through without the password.

ii) The term you are citing with relation to the card details matching is consistently 'qualified' - i.e. it does not state "we will", it states "we reserve the right to". This is a term to allow them to assess the situation and determine whether the transaction is high risk (i.e. risk of identity theft/fraud). Given that the card was clearly in the name of someone you knew, and assuming that 3D verification was successful, these transactions wouldn't fall into the 'high risk' category and while the operator retain the right to act, they are not bound to do so.

iii) eMoore are the 'Master License Holder' for SlotJoint. They issue the license to operator but are not the owners. eMoore likely license hundreds of casinos. Part of the licensing process will necessitate certain ownership structures for the purpose of conducting financial transactions.

iv) Where you choose to play with Curacao licensed operators you are choosing to play with operators that are weakly regulated. While we've always found SlotJoint to be exceptionally fair to their players, they are not bound to the same Responsible Gambling strictures that operators with stronger licenses are. Unless you have actively told the operator that you were experiencing a gambling issue they won't be pro-actively checking your transactions just in case you are. In fact, any operator with anything other than a UKGC license is unlikely to be doing this on any significant level.

v) Without directly referencing what you've stated is not for publication, if you know you've done this the fault for your actions does not lie with the operator. It is a horrible situation without question, but that does not make it the operator's fault.

vi) SlotJoint are a private company. To my knowledge they're not under any obligation to provide the details that you are asking for given the jurisdictions that they are registered in. Again, even UKGC licensed operators would not be legally required to provide an address where they could be served. I'm not saying this is right or wrong, simply acknowledging our understanding of the facts. It would be up to your legal representatives to do the research to find the appropriate information.

vii) If you've already engaged legal representation in this matter I could state with 100% certainty that even if I could see solid grounds for a claim here that the operator would not work with us. By the time you've engaged legal threats the operator will insist on everything going through their legal team and no dialogue will be engaged.

While I'm truly sorry to hear about your situation the truth here is that there's nothing we can do to help you.


User icon
July 29, 2019

Please delete this case until further notice from my side

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June 27, 2019

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