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Casoo - Withdrawal rejected six times


Found for the Player - Despite our repeated efforts to contact Bonza Spins to discuss this issue we have received no response whatsoever from the operator.

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Player's Complaint


Six times my different withdrawals were rejected for verification purposes yet my account was verified each time.

For my last withdrawal I asked the support Team if I had met the requirements related to wagering and I performed the 505C$ withdrawal on 28 june 2021.

I received an email of final decision of rejection due bonus rules breach of high bet reaching 20 euros on 29th without any solid proof.

I never bet in euro and I never bet high.

Surprisingly the game history of the 28th disappeared from my account, the visible history is available from 29th onward.

The support Team member claimed they keep only 3 days of history visible for player! 28th to 29th is three days ??

The amount became 20.79:C$ with another staff.

I have all the communications available.On my request they provided picture showing their allegation then another excel sheet. We all know that pictures and Excel sheets could be tampered with or else why would they block my access to my game history !

I explained to the staff that I lost most withdrawals without complaining and I complied completely with their rules, I asked them many times for guidance, they were helpful. I suggested to check my entire history to realize that I never bet high, I had no need to do so, plus I am not a professional gambler. They knew I am a beginner and I proved my ignorance by cancelling a withdrawal and losing it since they have sticky bonus.

I repeat I never dare betting high.

Obviously it is either system error, human mistake or somehow made and added manually.

I explained that I shall share my experience for others to learn, they considered my style aggressive and threatening.

I know that I did nothing wrong and I want my rightful winnings to be restored.

If had breached the rules, they would have refunded my deposit to my bank account and closed my casino account, instead they confiscated the winnings and left my deposit in my casino account to play and loose as I did many times previously.

Thank you for taking the necessary action.

With regards,

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5 Responses

User icon
July 2, 2021

Hi Brillion1966 - welcome to!

What games were you playing?



User icon
July 5, 2021

Hi ThePOGG Team,

It was "Summer Holiday" the bet was set at the lowest Wich is one dollar. I ensured it is on 1$.

They never confirmed how high was the bet as they claim and it appears related for only one hit from the picture they sent (-20,79$. )

I totally understand.

Thank you for your time.


User icon
July 25, 2021

Hi Brillion1966,

Sadly this operator has informed us that they will not cooperate with the management of complaints via this service. At this juncture we have no reasonable expectation of this changing.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


User icon
July 27, 2021


Thanks for your update.

They do not want to cooperate !

How convenient for them.

Doesn't mean that there is something abnormally suspecious with such a reaction ?

If I may ask what will be your next action ?

What do you recommend I should do please ?

I am allowed now to contact another similar complaint solution management ?

Please note I have 30 C$ in my Casoo casino account, this amount is my initial deposit.

Do you recommend I use this 30 C$ or keep it pending?

I am really hoping you could at least have a legit access to my gaming history to prove them wrong.

I strongly believe that, undoubtedly, they are escaping from the only clear fact that I am right while they are not, or else they would have cooperated and made it publically known.

I am convinced that they manipulated my game history.

Awaiting your prompt reply.

With regards.


User icon
August 1, 2021

Hi Brillion1966,

We do not interpret their refusal to discuss your issue as any more than a business decision. In fact, this operator historically has refused to discuss any complaint and as such their actions here likely have no bearing on your claim.

As to further action, as stated above, there is nothing further we can do to assist you. You have chosen to play with a weakly licensed operator meaning that there are few avenues open to players to pursue claims when things go wrong. There is nothing further that we could suggest in this instance.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


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July 1, 2021

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