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Jackpot Village - Cancelled withdrawal 7700kr


Found for the Casino - This player has selected a currency not associated with their jurisdiction which is in breach of the operator's terms and conditions.

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Player's Complaint

This casino is a member of the group: Ivy Affiliates -

The operator of this casino is: White Hat Gaming Limited - / license Number - MGA/B2C/370/2017

On December 11, I registered at this place. When registering, I was asked to select the currency of the my account. The account currencies were offered: CAD, EUR, GBP, NOK, NZD, SEK without any restrictions. I chose the account currency: Krona is the currency of Sweden. ISO 4217 — SEK code. Made a Deposit in the amount of SEK 210. After the evening of the game, I had 7702.0 kr on my account. I have created a withdrawal request of 7700kr to the same payment system from which the funds were deposited. After that, I sent all the necessary copies of documents to verify the account. After a while my account was fully verified. However, I got an email from smash with the following information:

Dear [EDIT],

Username: [EDIT]

We hope this email finds you well.

We have closed your account due to you registering in the incorrect currency.

Your withdrawal has been cancelled and we will be returning your deposit of 210.00 SEK

We do recommend that you register a new account with the correct currency which is EUR.

Kind Regards,

Accounts Team.

Jackpot Village

What does it matter what currency my account is in???!!! This is complete nonsense and only a fictitious reason for the confiscation of funds! Smash rules I never broke. I ask you to take time for this situation.

Ready to provide all screenshots and necessary documents.


P.S. Every time I am shocked by the behavior of the casino more and more. It turns out that the presence of a Maltese license in fact an empty word!

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9 Responses

User icon
December 15, 2019

Hi dolphin777 - welcome back!

As we are the ADR for the White Hat Gaming license under the Malta Gaming Authority license there is certain information we have to provide you now.

You can find all the relevant information about this service here – and the terms of use for our complaint service here -

To summarise.

– Use of this service does not preclude your seeking redress through court proceedings .

– This service is free to use for both the complainant and operator.

– At any point during the procedure the submitting party retains the right to withdraw their complaint. This does not preclude our right to continue the discussion with the involved operator of general issues related to the complaint (i.e. insufficiently clear terms and conditions).

– You are not obliged to obtain independent or legal advice or representation, though you may choose to do so.

If you have any questions about the above, let me know.

Sadly there is nothing we can do to help you in this circumstance. A review of the Jackpot Village terms and conditions highlights the following term relevant to this situation:

"11.1 Players must register and play in the currency of their country. If the currency of your country is not offered, then play must be in Euros (EUR). Should players not observe this rule, all winnings derived from the resulting game play will be forfeited."

You have agreed to the operator's terms and conditions at the point of registration. Unfortunately if you have registered in a currency other than Euros you have violated this term and as such the operator are within their rights to consider your account and all transactions that occurred on it void.

Sorry we could not be of further help.


User icon
December 15, 2019

I had no doubt that you, as an affiliate, would be on the side of the casino. Then the question for you: is not the fact that when registering I am asked to choose the currency myself, a Freeroll for the casino? (I will explain, and then suddenly you need to think. Player not knowing about such a rule, to example I with thus the rule for many years faced first time, opens expense violating this rule. Then the player makes Deposit after Deposit. Since the casino accepts deposits without problems or locks deposits. The player made 5-10-25 deposits he was unlucky and he did not win anything, decided not to happy casino and went to play in another casino. Naturally, all deposits remained with the casino. +EV. Well, if the player won, it happens, we will return the Deposit. And we will continue to catch idiots.) The second question: why this rule is not solved programmatically? After all, my IP is known when visiting the site and at the time of registration, the country I specify! Why am I asked to choose an account currency when only one is available to me? The third question (do not miss it please): why support service did not inform me about this rule and did not close the account before I making a Deposit? Since before making a Deposit, I asked the support service to clarify the bonus conditions. The operator saw my account, saw the currency of my account and certainly (the support service must know the rules of the casino, is not it) knew the rule that the account must be closed. Here is another proof that before the withdrawal the casino accepts deposits and plays Freeroll. We are talking about another casino WHG, but this applies to this issue. The casino I registered 04.09.2016. In this casino, the currency of my account was also different from the Euro. And all this time my account was open and could accept deposits. Here's a support chat for proof: (11:36:35) (Visitor): I see this ERROR Your account is locked, please contact support if you require further assistance. (11:36:42) [EDIT]: Kindly confirm the email linked to your account and username? (11:36:52) (Visitor): [EDIT] (11:46:53) [EDIT]: Thank you for your time. (11:48:03) [EDIT]: Because you registered the incorrect currency you will need to register a new account, this account has been closed. (11:48:46) [EDIT]: Is there anything else I may assist you with? (11:49:34) (Visitor): And how long has it been closed? And why did it suddenly become necessary? I remember exactly that I was annoyingly logged into my account. (11:49:56) [EDIT]: The account was closed yesterday. (11:50:24) (Visitor): ahahaha And the last question: Why does this rule even exist, why can't I play in pounds, Lira or tugriks? PS Since the slot has RTP then to win 7700 I have to lose 7700+5% (100%-%RTP slot)=8085. Therefore, I need to cover the loss and I will not just leave it. Besides, I'm pretty sure you don't have any logical or clear answers

User icon
December 17, 2019

Hello Pogg

Sorry for duplicating the text in the answer. When translating the text did not notice this. If you need my explanation (not so good my English as I would like) I am willing to give them. Thanks.

User icon
December 17, 2019

Hi dolphin777,

Beyond assessing the legal validity of the term - i.e. is it in 'plain English' and therefore easily understood by the player - our job as an ADR is not to make any further determination on how the term impacts players. The MGA reviews and approves all operator terms.

In this instance the term is crystal clear and not open to interpretation. There is no problem with the term from the perspective of players being able to understand it and easily comply with it.

While I cannot comment as to the specific reason that this group have included this particular term, it is far from an uncommon term across the industry and generally the reason for this terms inclusion is to prevent those parties that would intentionally claim a bonus in a currency other than their native currency in order to maximise the value of the bonus to them. This was a large scale pattern amongst players who were non-recreational in nature and a quick and simple fix to prevent this type of behaviour. Alongside reducing bonus costs for the operator, this reduced currency conversion fees that the operator ultimately pays. So there are sound grounds for operators to put these terms in place.

And to date the regulator has not put in place any requirement for operators to 'force' a currency choice on players at point of registration. This is simply something that has not been programatically required.

Finally, support agents are neither trained nor expected to go through a) every account registered or b) every account that contacts support to confirm compliance with every term. At the point of registration you agree to the terms and conditions. Compliance is at that point assumed until there is some reason to review this - either unusual or concerning activity on the account or, as in this case, a significant withdrawal.

I am sorry that you are unhappy, but this issue once again boils down to you not reading the terms and conditions. The term in question could not be clearer. There is no logical reason that a player from your jurisdiction would select SEK - a currency only used in a single country - rather than Euros which are used in 37 different countries and is widely considered to be one of the major world currencies.

And far from being the player trap that you describe, in thousands of cases reviewed over the years this is the first case that I can recall seeing this term come in to play. Simply put, compliance with this term is not proving problematic for the vast majority of players.

I'm sorry your disappointed, but as stated previously there is nothing we can do to help you.


User icon
December 17, 2019


To me there is no difference in what currency the accounts I play. But since you do not understand my logic of choosing the currency of the Krone, I will explain. It's a simple superstition. On one currency accounts luck more on the other less. (According to the statistics group in softswiss casino I see that the account currency is the rubles I less fortunate than the account currency, the dollar). That's why I chose the Krona currency. That's all. Without some wacky opportunity to maximize the value of the bonus. LOL. And another example for you. You went into a restaurant. Stupid, but did not read the terms of the restaurant. You thought this was the 855 restaurant you visited. And there are no rules unfamiliar to you. Ordered a dish " Arrz-OS-con-Polo-chapina "(roast poultry with vegetables and spices). They ate it and went to pay the check. And you say: sorry, you broke our rule. This dish is for Guatemalans only. And now we'll take your clothes. But you can change your citizenship. And come to us again. How do you like this situation? Does it remind you of anything?"

It's all lyrics. Everyone understands everything from us! To write the truth will be the loss of income.

User icon
December 17, 2019

Hi dolphin777,

I appreciate your frustration, but a restaurant that had such terms would be required to make them available to you and ensure that you confirmed that you had read and understood them before they allowed you to order. Your analogy fails because Jackpot Village clearly presented you with the terms and asked you to confirm your acceptance of them before you played.

Superstition or not, the rules were clear and easy to abide by. We have no grounds to challenge the operator's position given your actions.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


User icon
December 17, 2019

Hi ThePOGG. What bonus benefit are you talking about SEK 1 = EUR 0.09596 ( or my maximum bonus is 500 Euro or 5000 SEK= 479.8 Euro. What commissions does he pay? To me the transfer was made in SEK hence there was no conversion for the casino. You are distorting the truth again.

User icon
December 17, 2019

Hi POGG and the last what I wanted to say. Summing up our communication, I will Express my point of view. It's my fault I didn't read the rules. I don't care if I get richer or happier with the money. I am sorry to realize that the site I trusted for many years, only a simple businessman. using the previously earned name for maximum profit. Nothing personal, just business. I'll explain. The problem is your ranking and serving casino players who trust your word. It was enough for me to see the casino on your site and it was a guarantee for me. Now that's not the case. In your ranking, casinos with idiotic and predatory rules for players have a high rating. Let me explain with an example. In Obzor you are accentuating the important conditions for the players. You submit the review as it is favorable to you. Why the casino has your high score for which the norm is: 1) wager X60-80 + a very large percentage of slots has only 50% wager execution condition. 2) verification and withdrawal of funds take a long time (in fact 10-14 days); 3) there is no minimum loyalty to the players (at least those who are in the black); 4) the presence of rules, which as much as possible give a chance to the casino to refuse payment and a lot of other nuances directed against the players. And remember only at the expense of players all the rest get money (and casinos and affiliates and operators). All questions you have only one answer: you have agreed to the terms, the terms are met, we can not help. [EDIT]

User icon
December 17, 2019

Hi dolphin777,

You are entirely entitled to your opinion regarding our review criteria not being acceptable to you. But a) none of the issues you raise have any relevance to your complaint b) reading a review ANYWHERE will never be a sufficient substitute to ensuring you have read and comply with the terms and conditions and c) most of the issues you raise are already covered in our reviews (wagering requirement, presence of problem terms etc - this term is not a problem term, it has been a problem for you specifically because you haven't read the terms AND you have engaged in a non-standard behaviour).

You are entitled to your opinion and all we can suggest if you do not like our reviews is that you take advice from elsewhere.

But let us also be clear about the facts here.

i) This operator is listed as Needs Work with our service. If you were honestly placing "trust [in our] word" you would be unlikely to sign-up with this particular site, given that there are hundreds of Recommended sites to choose from.

ii) You did not sign-up because of our review. We have had no registrations with this particularly property this month.

Let me also be clear - your previous complaint against Gate777 (activity April - June, complaint submitted in September) also falls outside of this criteria. We received no registrations with this operator during this period from your jurisdiction.

Representing that your problem is in some way our fault because we guided you to this operator is manifestly untrue and seems more than a little misleading.

Finally, suggesting that this outcome in any way "maximises profit" for us is absolutely without basis in fact. The outcome of this case has zero impact on our earnings. We don't get paid for the time we put into reviewing your issue by the operator, there's no fee for ruling in any particular direction and whether or not a complaint results in a player getting paid makes no difference to the advertising fees that we are paid for those operators we do work with.

This is the second complaint where you have looked to move the conversation away from your complaint - that has occurred due to your failure to abide by the rules you agreed to - and onto a conversation about our reviewing standards that have no bearing on your complaint and which there is no evidence to suggest had any influence on your decision to register with the operator in question in any case. Further posts of this nature - on this or any other complaint files - will be removed. Please stick to discussing your case specifically from this point on.


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December 15, 2019

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