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Yeti - Unfair confiscation of winnings


Found for the Casino - This player has used payment details associated with a self-excluded account. This self-exclusion would apply to the payment method as well.

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Player's Complaint

I used me and my partners shared debit card to deposit at casinos under this license. In this case Yeti casino.

Prior to deposit I contacted the chat to confirm that this was okay which they told me it was as long as I could provide them with my partners ID and KYC-documents.

I made deposits for 10200Sek and spent the night gambling and won 300004SEK

I sent in the required documents, including my partners ID and proof that the card is used by both of us.

I got back a document for my partner to sign, that stated that I was the one gambling and that I had the full rights to use the card.

I sent the documents and later got a email saying they confiscated my winnings due to that my partner have a self exclusion.

They say that they have to do this because dog the Swedish gambling law - I read the law and can not find any paragraph that state this in particular.

Like I said. I asked more than once if it was okay to use the card prior to the deposit and got the answer that it should not be a problem. I even logged in to my account with BankID (Swedish ID verification) therefore I find myself entitled to the winnings aswell because it was me gambling - not my partner.

If I lost the money and hadnt requested a withdrawal the casino would have been in a win-win situation.

I have contacted the Swedish gambling regulation and awaiting their reply.

I have documentes that proof everything.

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7 Responses

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November 16, 2019

Hi jojodedejo - welcome to!

Sadly, many gambling addicts do look to circumvent their exclusions by using their partner's details to reaccess gambling services. If you've used a payment method that had been associated with a self-excluded account, this payment method would be considered excluded as well. We would not contest payment under these circumstances.

All we can suggest is seeing what the Swedish regulator have to say.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


User icon
November 17, 2019

I do understand that. But I used my BankID to verify my account before i started playing. That is the same ID as I use to do my taxes, log in to my bank and so on. There is no possible way that my partner would be able to access my gambling account. I would understand that if i the account was unverified but that is not the case here.

User icon
November 17, 2019

Hi there,

BankID does not prove that it was you actually playing and it would be far from inconceivable that your husband could have access to your BankID.

As I said previously, you will need to wait and see what the Swedish regulator have to say.


User icon
December 5, 2019

The casino started with claiming the reason for the confiscation was that they would violate the Swedish gambling law if they paid out my winnings, I have got a written reply from SGA that that is NOT true. I have forwarded this to the casino.

BankID is regulated by Swedish law, as a legitimate identification method, so the argument that “it could have been my partner who gambled” is totally unfounded. SGA confirmed this.

(“Is a signature with BankID legally binding?

Yes. Identifying with BankID is the same as signing with your own physical signature. This means that there is no difference whatsoever with regard to the legal side. Without it, it is equally binding whether you sign a regular agreement or an electronic agreement.

There are four different laws in electronic signature and the latest is the Money Laundering Act which means that today BankID is a legal identification. The other laws around this are the Swedish Companies Act, the Signature Act and the Consumer Credit Act. All of these laws have paragraphs relating to e-signature. ")

The casino can’t go against the law in the country where they have their license and just decide something that suits them.

I haven’t violated any of the stated terms and conditions.

I asked the casino in chat and email if it was okay to use this card before I made a deposit.

The casino told me that they won’t reply to the facts I did present, nor the forwarded answer from the Swedish regulatory.

SGA tells me to contact the ARN or take this to court but the casino wants me to contact you.

I would like for you to take in consideration that the casino operates under a Swedish license and therefore the Swedish law will apply.

I update this complaint to take things in order, but knowing I have the statement from SGA, the words of a lawyer, and the Swedish law, I will not hesitate to take this further if needed.

User icon
December 5, 2019

I also have the signed document issued by the casino that approve the use of this particular card.

User icon
December 5, 2019

I would also want to know where it states that I can’t use the card if it’s been used before. The casino can’t assume one should just know this. I never got any information about this. If it would be a problem, this should have been stated on the credit card authorization document. Which it wasn’t.

My partner did not close her account due to gambling addiction.

User icon
December 6, 2019

Hi jojodedejo,

We are not the ADR for this operator for Swedish players. The Swedish regulator has it's own system. You should follow the advice provided to you by the regulator.



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November 16, 2019

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