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True Blue - Roulette


Found for the Casino - This player has played a restricted game while playing with a bonus. As such there is nothing we can do to help them.

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Player's Complaint

They voided all winnings stating played restricted game (Roulette) despite playthrough requirement being already met, using a clause clearly not intended for purpose and ambiguous in nature, provided many queries to them , mo logical answers ever provided, continually being ignored by managers

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4 Responses

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January 3, 2023

Hi EssJayNT - welcome to!

Please provide the url of the operator you are complaining about.

We also need you to provide a more detailed description of your issue.



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January 10, 2023

Hi, url NOW is this, site has morphed from True Blue to Gogoroom and now to Spinbond, either to keep avoiding Australian Authorities or to deny payouts like mine? Full details to follow .......

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January 10, 2023

I am writing to try and get some understanding and clarity of a recent decision made by one of your Managers to deplete my account of all my Balance and pending Withdrawal that resulted in $4,165.03 taken from my account due to what I can only think is some sort of misinterpretation of your own T&C's or is a scam that is deliberately in place to deny winnings to be paid to all punters, I have attached the transcript of my conversation with a number of your live chat staff that outlines a few of my concerns with this transaction that I will summarise below:

NIGHTOWLVIP coupon was redeemed for $90 and states the following rules:

310% Low Playthrough will keep you up!🦉For a $90 deposit and a 5x playthrough, spin & win 'til 5am to & take your wins home faster. Use code: NIGHTOWLVIP Bonus comes with 15x playthrough, $30000 max cashout, is for Slots and Keno only, and will redeem for $90. Max 3x redemptions per player. Offer ends at 05:00 am AEST.

I note the clause that states "Bonus" comes with 15x playthrough and is for slots and Keno This relates to the Bonus portion ($279.00) as the $90 deposit is stated separately with a 5x playthrough and no mention of restrictions.

All of the winnings on my account that were accrued over a number of days and nights were then suddenly taken from my account totaling $4,165.03 AUD, when querying why, I was told that it was because I played a few hands of poker and a couple of spins of roulette well after the play through requirements had been met from this coupon that I assumed was no longer in play, this play was less than 5% of my total play with the rest 95% on slot machines, at no time did I play these games during any Bonus period using Bonus funds, as the play through requirements had been well and truly met, I thought that all funds were unrestricted as they were stated as withdraw-able.

My issue is that the rules are not clear and are open to interpretation and that the intent of your rules is to weed out cheating or dishonest players that are trying to rort the system to their advantage, this is clearly not the case in this instance and the decision should be reversed due to the following issues:

The coupon does not state anywhere that by playing any restricted games ALL past, present and future winnings will be voided, how is anyone to know that they could be jeopardizing a massive jackpot win by simply spinning a $1 chip on the roulette wheel?

The sub clause that your staff directed me to that they state that I breached the rules clearly does not make any sense at all as it clearly reads and states that if any player uses a

promotional bonus that has restrictions to certain games they will have their winnings voided their winning voided (as worded in T&C's) this could only be construed to mean that no matter what games you have played whether restricted or unrestricted you are unable to collect any winnings as it does not specify anywhere that should you play said restricted games then winning would be voided and whether this relates to the bonus portion, the winnings made from restricted games or all and any winnings on any games from here on then for future days should you maintain over $1 in your account. : If the Player uses a promotional bonus that is restricted to certain game(s), this will result in their winnings being voided. The bonus rules will continue to apply even after the playthrough requirement has been fulfilled. Surely, due to the pure ambiguity of this clause and how it is written this cannot be relied upon to take every single cent from a customers account as I would think that providing a bonus that requires a deposit that you had no chances of winning from would be considered illegal?

I also note that when you have an outstanding bonus requirement, all restricted games are not active in your software making you unable to play them anyway, by activating them and allowing you to play them once the play through requirement has been met is surely a signal

(authorisation?) from your site that the games are now allowed to be played, if this was not the intent of the Casino or the Bonus, the games should never be activated to be played while this bonus is considered active on your account as this would be considered enticement (entrapment?) for a player to accidentally play the game and unknowingly void a massive jackpot bonus due to a $1 spin on the roulette wheel that your software has now allowed, I doubt that this is the intent of the casino rules as this would be considered unconscionable behavior contrary to company laws.

Due to all the circumstances outlined above and in the live chat, I respectively and politely ask that you refund the amount taken from my account as there is no way that anyone would be aware of any such rule that would disallow genuine winnings (Doragon Gem $3k+) to be voided based on the unclear information provided in your T&C's and considering the evidence provided herewith that clearly show that there was no intent to flaunt or rort the Casino rules.

Please advise if there is a chance to mediate this situation as i am seekimg legal advice in this matter and despite advising this fact to the client, they are either silent in the matter or provide flippant responses stating that there is Nothing they can do and continue to fail to answer legitimate questions. SEE BELOW for recent correspondence sent ro them with no reply to date.

Despite the fact that the clause used does not actually make sense in this instance, the only way that you would include something like this in any set of conditions of play would be to solely and purely cheat players out of rightful winnings, there is no reason that playing any of these games after playthrough has been met would it benefit the player, in fact it actually benefits you as it provides more turnover money to collect.

I have lost large balances previously playing these games (Roulette, Draw Poker etc) using the same or similar bonuses and nothing has ever been mentioned by anyone, not ever, not once or twice but many times, (check my history if you want) you gladly kept all my money lost from playing these so called restricted games in the past, why was nothing said and done then, where's your due diligence by stopping such illegal play? where is the refund of my deposit in all of these occasions? why wasnt I pulled up for breaching such a rule? why does your software allow these games to be played if they are restricted? Why are they restricted? if games are restricted, why are they not blocked and not made to be available to be played, other sites have that function built into their software that disallows play on certain games for certain reasons, why not you?

Is that because there are no reasons that these games should be restricted after playthrough has been met and that this clause is actually not meant to be applied in this instance, if it creates such a risk to the casino by playing such games , surely this new RTG platform would be designed in such a way to alleviate such a high risk, it does not despite recent revamp, this can only mean that they clearly do not pose such a risk or any risk that would justify this action?

These are all questions I have posed in the past without receiving one valid answer that goes anywhere close to justifying this blatant theft of my funds.

If you are able to provide me with just one logical answer and reason, I would accept and move on, as it stands, I simply cannot understand or accept this drastic action that you have taken, despite making valid queries, no one has been able to explain why playing these games (that you have clearly provided and made available to play) has benefited me by over $4000, if the punishment is this drastic, please justify why, and if so, surely you must make this clearer within the rules of the actual bonus, not steal by stealth using an interpretation of fine print taken from a previous version of the platform that had different games available.

I would clearly understand if playthrough was manipulated by playing red/black on roulette until playthrough condition was met (the reason that the clause is actually there for) as that is manipulating the rules, something I clearly have not done in this instance.

It is clear that your rules have not been written for purpose and have been edited from previous sets of terms and conditions from another site or are from an earlier version of rules that were designed for other games that used to be available or they were written in relation to live real casino games not offered anymore, not for the ones that you provide now that have algorithms the same as slots with similar RTP% that provide little or no risk to the casino, unlike the proper live versions of table games, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat etc do.

It is obvious and easy to prove that your conditions are not up to date and/or current as it mentions games (see below) that have never been available to play on your site, however they are available on various other sites that offer a wide range of game providers and diverse gaming options, more evidence to prove my case.

Wagering on Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Pontoon 21, War, Sic Bo, and/or

'Shooting games' -e.g. Fish Catch is not allowed with any promotional bonus or No Deposit Bonus

As you can see, there are way too many unanswered queries surrounding this to justify this action and I believe that this action taken has either been a mistake in the interpretation of old rules designed to protect completely different games that are not available on your site, or they are a trap deliberately placed into your conditions as a tactic to deny rightful winnings to players, a highly illegal ploy and tactic adopted purely to rip off innocent customers.



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January 15, 2023

Hi EssJayNT,

Sadly there's nothing we can do to assist you with this matter. A bonus contract is initiated from the point the bonus is added to your account and the restrictions associated with the bonus are in place from that point until the wagering requirement has been completed.

The terms associated with this offer do not state that the Slots/Keno restriction is only associated with the bonus funds or that you can play with deposited funds without restriction. The restriction applies from the point you receive the bonus until you have completed the wagering requirement.

All we could suggest is that in future you stick to only playing approved games while you have a bonus.

Sorry we could not be of further help,


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January 3, 2023

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