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Octo Casino - pure scam maximum win amount set for my account there


Declined - This player has chosen to engage in threatening and abusive behaviour. This service is not here to serve as a lightning rod for unhappy players to vent their frustrations.

Player's Complaint

Hello my friend its me again..

Played today @octocasino

Max win possibilities are 170 euros doesn't matter what slot provider doesn't matter what slots not possible to get over 170 Euro..

Max win amount set on my account.. You know about that because it's not the first time I told you that... N1 interactive ltd /softswiss group Belarusian casino provider [EDIT] organization.. You work for them if you forget about that...

So what you want to do against [EDIT] organization casino providers like n1 interactive ltd /softswiss group /[EDIT] casino [EDIT] Boss..?!?

I have video materials where you can see that 170 is the max money limit for my account.. Now I want to see and you do it this time what you do against this [EDIT] based casino provider group..

Thank you and hopefully this time you do something... Mr. The pogg.. 😉 Or should I say your real name..?!? Let's see what you can do for me..

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1 Responses

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April 15, 2022

Due to the abusive and threatening nature of this players communications, they are banned from any further use of this service.

For the purposes of context - while we understand that the player has concerns about the fairness of their experience with the N1 Interactive group, they have never managed or present anything that could even be considered close to validation of their claims and they have over the course of the last 12 months returned again and again to different properties on this license.

If this player genuinely feels that this license holder has cheated them, why would the persist in returning again and again? In that situation common sense dictates that that they should move on to play with any of the thousands of other operator that are freely available to them - simply for their own piece of mind if nothing else - rather than returning to the same group again and again that they have repeatedly accused of cheating, only to validate their perceived concerns with each loss.

Duncan Garvie

Manager and ADR Official

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April 14, 2022

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