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English in United States - Blacklisted as security risk and can't get verified


Found for the Casino - While the player may have done nothing intentional, are a private business and free to decline their custom.

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Player's Complaint

My issue is with being blacklisted by Two things were done on my end which at the time I did not realize were needs for alarm. I have a voice over IP number (google) that I signed up with as I use it for all things I sign up with. That's to prevent my cell number from receiving advertisements and spam calls. The second thing is that I have to use a proxy at work so that they do not see my playing a game while at work. I see their reasons for alarm in hindsight, but at the time didn't think it would be an issue. As such, has blacklisted me not only on their site but all affiliates which are most reputable online casinos. I have spoken with them offering both my permanent cell phone number and any documentation they would need to verify me. My home address, social security number, credit record, etc. They will not resolve the matter. I have offered anything they need to resolve this so that I am no longer blacklisted. The woman on the phone simply will not work with me to resolve this misunderstanding.

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3 Responses

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October 27, 2017

Hi filsmith - welcome to!

Before we go any further I need to make clear what we can and can't do for you here. If there's money in your account we can look to get that returned to you. However are a private business and are free to decline custom from any individual for any reason. You've taken actions that have put you in a high risk bracket. If the operator no longer want your custom there's absolutely no grounds for us to challenge that.

I'll contact and see what we can find out for you.



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October 27, 2017

Thank you so much for contacting them. I do need to clarify a bit. I fully accept and understand that they are a private entity and can choose to not do business with me. Completely good with that. I don't wish to do business with them either, truly. The problem is that they have added me to some blacklist that any reputable online casino subscribes to. I cannot get any other online casinos to accept me now because they have blackballed me. I'm fine with never doing business with again but need them to remove this tarnished reputation they put on me in the system they all share. That's the issue I'm having. did return my deposits but this report they put out about me is the issue. I need to have it redacted so that I can do business with others. I won't use a proxy (used it so work would not see my doings) and I'll not be using a Voip phone number with the future casinos. The only thing I was guilty of was not knowing those things would lead to this.I don't feel a mistake on my part should blacklist me from other casinos.

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October 30, 2017

Hi filsmith,

If your funds have already been returned then there's nothing further we can do to help you. clearly feel that you fall into a high risk bracket. They are part of a significant group of operators owned by the same parent company and obviously if they don't want your custom at one of their properties they won't want your activity at their other properties. Beyond that though, if they choose to participate in a shared 'high risk players' database with other companies that's a private business decision and not something that we can or would intervene in.

Sorry we can't be of further help,


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October 27, 2017

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