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Procedure for submitting a complaint

Last updated – 3rd of November 2017

The below complaint procedure can also be provided via email or as a printed hard copy that can be mailed to either parties physical address.

You can submit a complaint using the form on this page.

Full terms of use for our Dispute Mediation service can be found here.

Both parties will be required to provide explicit written acceptance of their agreement to’s role as mediator for the purposes of resolving the disputed issue.

There is no requirement to obtain 3rd party or legal advice to use this service. We can engage with a 3rd party representative if we receive permission from the relevant party to do so.

Once a complaint has been submitted, our Dispute Resolution Official (ADR Official) will review the submission and contact the named gambling operator. At this stage, where a resolution is not immediately apparent and accepted by both parties (for example, in the case of a payment delay where the balance is agreed as due by both parties), both the player and gambling operator may be asked to submit various documents or relevant information for consideration by’s Dispute Resolution Official.

Currently supporting documentation can be accepted via email to or can be submitted via post to the address detailed above. If the relevant file is to large to be communicated over email, the relevant party should inform’s Dispute Resolution Official who will make necessary arrangements to provide an alternative electronic file sharing service.

Depending on the nature of the dispute, there may be several requests made for different documents or information as evidence is reviewed. At any stage during this process both parties can be asked to comment and provide their opinion on any aspect of the complaint and evidence submitted by the other party.

Once the Dispute Resolution Official has received the complete complaint file (that being all information relevant and necessary to make a ruling) both parties will be informed and ruling will be provided within 90 days. In exceptional cases where the dispute is of a particularly complex nature it may take longer than 90 days to reach a ruling. In those situation both parties will be informed in advance and the expected length of delay will be communicated.

At any stage during the review process either party may choose to withdraw from the mediation process. The consequences of withdrawal will be termination of discussion of the complaint. Where the player terminates the mediation process the complaint report will reflect this fact and show a status favourable to the operator. Where the operator chooses to withdraw from the complaint process, or declines to provide permission to review the complaint, the complaint report will reflect this fact and will usually show an Unresolved status. In situations where the opperator appears to have withdrawn from the process specifically to prevent a likely negative ruling a negative ruling may be issued on this basis.

Submission of a complaint to this service does not in any way preclude the submittor’s right to seek legal redress through court proceedings.

Guidance on submitting a complaint

Read our Complaints Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our Complaints Frequently Asked Questions here. By reading this before you submit a complaint you will avoid many common issues that will cause delays.

Stick to the facts

There are many reason that complaints may arise, but a significant factor in a large number of cases we deal with is a basic breakdown in communications between the player and the casino. As such, strongly worded accusations of illegal conduct are very unhelpful. They immediately make the accused party defensive and are a roadblock to communication.

We ask that players refrain from making any accusations in their report. If you’ve not been paid, say that, don’t use words like “fraud”, “theft”, “crooks”, “stolen”. You want us to help you get your money back, the best way to get that help is to help us by sticking to the facts.

Fill us in!

Include as much detail as possible, including your username and email address used with the affected casino, transcripts of any instant chat sessions relevant to the dispute, emails and screen shots. If you need to upload files, please state so in your complaint and we will contact you to arrange for this. The more detail you can give at the start of the mediation, the quicker we are likely to be able to resolve the dispute.

Be honest

If during the course of our mediation it is discovered that any information provided by either party is intentionally misleading, said party will find that their account suspended pending further investigation. Depending on the situation this may have an impact on the ruling of the complaint.

Be aware of privacy

Until resolution is reached all complaints on this site are kept private – that means that only the player involved, the casino rep for the casino involved and site admin can see the complaint. However once a complaint has been closed the complaint discussion is published. We will do our best to remove any private information (i.e. names of customers/casino staff and account numbers), but strongly encourage you to be aware that the conversation will ultimately be published. If either the player or the casino have information that is pertinent to the case that would be inappropriate to publish for security and privacy reasons, please contact site admin – we will be happy to assist in the verification of such information without including it in the final report.

Be genuine

This service is provided free and is intended to help players who have real problems. If you know you’ve breached the terms and conditions of play and as a consequence your winnings have been confiscated, it is highly unlikely that your complaint will be successful. This service should not be used to further private vendettas in the face of failure to comply with the rules.

Don’t provide non-relevant personal information

Whilst we’re sympathetic to any financial or physical hardships you may be afflicted by, they are not relevant to a complaint against a casino. In the interests of maintaining equality ThePOGG requires no personal information along these lines to be submitted with complaints. Such inclusions could result in accusations of bias against ThePOGG and its associates and therefore we respectfully request that you meet our guidelines in this respect. Further to this ThePOGG and its associates cannot be held accountable for disregarding any such information that you choose to submit that contravenes our guidelines.

Please be aware that you cannot use any of the following symbols for site security reasons; < > ‘ ” = *

By submitting a complaint you are agreeing to all’s terms and conditions which can be found here and

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Submitting Complaint

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